I’m sorry I stuck my nose where it doesn’t belong.

Discussion in 'Wars' started by xXxTANKxXx, May 20, 2018.

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  1. The Pines who???
  2. What the actual..
    Did you seriously just cf to a clan that has worse builds than roni, probably cant find the attack button and where majority hasnt unlocked abyss yet?
  3. /\ ya what do I have to do to see if they are for real
  4. This is the second cf in forums to these in under a week I'm happy that some (even though small) are playing kaw the proper way.
    They get a big thumbs up from me!
  5. This was hilarious
  6. Suspicious. Both accounts just casually happen to have 0 posts, and both just casually happen to make similar "apologies" to a clan that is clearly too weak to hit anyone at all and to a player that can barely win on ebs. As far as i can see, its their alts making these threads for reputation and its failing horribly.
  7. We are all excited to see your 2 year achievement d3mon . Seems you only grew from ebs. A lot of us are from the pwar and prepwar days. Just because you’re a simpleton I’ll explain. It means we had to farm to get our stats. You joined and got your LL unlocked for you. Tell us again about ebs?️
  8. Gj, DC. 
  9. Update:

    Paid a second visit to this deadly clan and the most threatening player I came across today was a >30m cs noob by the name of Koala who is the proud owner of a 7 day badge, Koala had the balls to tell me about the old days of kaw and how I should be scared of her. Each time I questioned the badge and how they were around at that time they avoided the question and instead repeated the same boring insults. Will continue my search tomorrow for any further signs of "intelligent" life at that clan.

    Edit: Stripped farmed the clan owner last night and so far no repercussions. I'll keep y'all updated.
  10. Ugh. 1 more time vengeance. Hiring an ally and not getting hits in is not stripping. You bought an inactive ally.
    And although you joined our clan to”rage”, you rage quit the clan. Then proceeded to ask for koalas phone number so you could rage in private. You’re a strange 1 Mr. Grinch

    We are trying to teach you the game. Please listen to our advice. Otherwise you will never get it
  11. Christ ur all pathetic. Grow some balls please
  12. Listen to the alt. Grow some balls because he’s the tough 1 here
  13. I actually ran a few bars on your clan owner before I suspected she had woken up and then I stopped. But of course she will hide this from you, either way doesn't change the fact I caught her off guard.

    Who cares if I bought an inactive ally, you obviously don't grasp that the aim of stripping is to take gold and not go shopping for shiny new allies.

    I left your clan because you were being weird and counting down to when you were gonna boot me, it seemed to be the only thing you could concentrate on in cc. By leaving I removed the opportunity for you to get off on kicking me.

    Also as for Koala they were making threats and acting all tough in pm yet when challenged they found ways to change the topic, a phone call would have given them no escape. I'm still waiting for those hits that Kaola said would be flooding my newsfeed"soon".

    And as for teaching me the game I'm fine thanks, I've been round since 2011 possibly 2010. I've participated in pwars, multiple osw and have even run my own clan when real life permitted me to, I doubt there's much any new kid on the block such as yourself could teach me, apart from a few reasons why kaw has gone downhill in recent years. But hey thanks anyway.
  14. Edit: The only advice I recall having got from your clan is "If you don't hit the eb then you have no purpose here". Kinda sad that the original concept of a clan has been lost, hitting ebs isn't everything you know, why do you think osw / swars and clan chat exist?
  15. Alt. Guy who quit the game but kept coming back so dropped build on both accounts to discourage himself from coming back. Whichever one works for you ;)

    Seriously though, forum apologies are sooo 2011
  16. You 2 are adorable ️ you don’t have to explain yourselves In such detail. If you over explain it looks bad
  17. Love you babe <3
  18. Inb4 I get banned for sexual harassment
  19. How sad does your life have to be that you resort to trying to get somebodys phone number just to talk trash over a game???

    I dont even know what to say to that... just wow.
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