I’m sorry I stuck my nose where it doesn’t belong.

Discussion in 'Wars' started by xXxTANKxXx, May 20, 2018.

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  1. Title: I’m sorry I stuck my nose where it doesn’t belong.

    Subject: So... this is the second forum post for Gilly239 and pines in a week.

    I tried to help a noob out by letting them sit in my clan and I tried to protect him. Well, obviously this was a huge mistake. In my mind, I thought this would be easy. Instead I went up against The Pines and Gilly239. These guys.... I can’t say enough about their brutality as far as farming me went. Never ending, relentless.

    This being said. To The Pines and Gilly239 I hope you can accept my apology. And have high hopes we can remain friends.

    As an honorable mention, DRAGON-CODE you’re a brutal negotiator. And like you said, it’s not personal. It’s business.
  2. Apology accepted
  3. C.f. accepted
  4. Hang your head in shame .. Now point at yourself in the mirror and laugh.. Repeat step one after realizing you just cf in forums.
  5. Never a good idea to mess with someone from Pure Evil
  6. These things are still effective? 
  7. That’s sad.
  8. Why are people trolling this? Everyone seems to want more PvP in kaw & this is a great reminder of things prelegend.

    Mistakes were made & terms were met, it's the cycle of PvP
  9. Come on bubba, look at his spies, you should be ashamed.
  10. Lmao now this was a funny read.
  11. Sound like wimps to me
  12. I paid this "deadly" clan a visit and it's pretty dead there. Only one of five actually returned hits... Stripped farmed the clan owner too and since that I've had no punishment. Did I misread the thread and fail to see it was only a joke?
  13. Good ol Vengeance...pretty sure our owner has allies and you got pinned. Lol why lie on a game?? At least try to be real. No need to troll. Be happy!!!
  14. Yeah but she's missing one, I got ss anyways. Oh also I've been running xstals and leaving troops open each time...not sure how you think I'm pinned as I'm clearly not.
  15. Lol whatever you say. I still have your peanut butter when you need it.
  16. I got yo ugly ass on my wall crying
  17. And I got your weak ass in my nf failing. Oh, that ain't crying either, that's just running circles round your pathetic ass.
  18. I just hired an ally.... is that a strip now days? So confused.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.