I’m making a return

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by xX-TANK-Xx, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. If we win i'll drop a freestyle -Wattz

    xX-TANK-Xx 1.66b plunder overall plunder 3b and he wcd and tracked.

    So we won the war all thanks to tank
    If anybody asks the dude was making bank
    Doing so good no wonder he took top rank
    The way he planned war was really kinda dank
    All i did was keep them feeling low
    Honestly this war was easy tho
    Tank going in just to get the ko
    He was sitting there putting us to shame yo
    Thanks to you bro for the easy event items
    Raps are my thing so i try to write em
    Other rappers duck i do not try to bite em
    This other team sucked we really did whipe em

  2. Nick welcome back