I’m back to catch up

Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by -lilil-_-H3llB0UND-_-lilil-, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. If he was 14 a year ago, is it really not that hard of a math equation??
  2. Lmao right turtle ? I like hell bound though he said he reported me to devs once because I was cheating in lowland :( .
  3. H3llbound is back and got everyone fired up, stressing & fretting ,making their blood boil, getting them sweating, knowing that history will repeat itself, and he will be e.e dominant , and all the e.e wally's he'll be suppressing.:)
  4. Who cares about this noob...letz take notice and Find WtF all the OMETS went...lol
  5. Go and sleep. Btw who are you?
  6. This kid is one of KaW’s most annoying players
  7. Oh that annoying little kid is back sweet
  8. Sup HB lol,long time no seeee
  9. Hey Phartacus lol