Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Results

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  1. Well done kaw community u got the power!!
  2. I feel like devs only did this for the tax deduction. But still, great job all!
  3. I remember a Japanese relief for the tsunami they had. There was one for another Asian country, I can't remember off the top of my head. And this is the first or 2nd American one, so do ya history boi
  4. Hurricane Irma off the Florida coast 185 mph winds, brace yourselves for another....

  5. ...I also own a house in Florida :|

  6. When y'all git done mopping up all that water y'all can git started on that wall while yer here...

    ...seawall that is :p

    Haven't heard any offers of help from India yet :p

  7. seeing people help other people out is always such a great thing to see. good job everyone :)
  8. Where is my achievement?
  9. Probably where your heart is...
  10. Need one for hurricane irma now, and the one in mexico..
  11. Where's the Irma promo? ...and the Mexican earthquake (90 dead more then Harvey) promo?

  12. Not enough publicity from Irma. Florida gets wrecked by hurricanes often so they were prolly more prepared for distaster and are more efficient at recovery.

  13. What about Mexico? :|
  14. Start Irma promo please
  15. I got a flat tire today, wheres my flat tire promo

  16. Wait till i get more moneh
  17. Re: Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Resultsh

    Oi you "spelt" it wrong mate it's "tyre" the spare is in the "boot" besides the gas "cannisters" ...cheers