HTEs Should Last Longer

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  1. I am in one of the very few clans that can still afford back to back HTE. I have been in doubt whether HTEs are worth the cost or not. They used to be, but not anymore.

    I am not trying to point out how the game is making people pay to grow. People have whined about that enough. It did make a free game into "freemium" game, I agree, but let's not discuss that here.

    Two people can kill HTE with health crystals now. Charging US$6 for an epic battle that two people can kill is unreasonable; HTEs are definitely overpriced now.

    There were many changes to the game. Hoar frost lands came, new epic battles got released, and recently, Abyss lands arrived. New lands increased players' damage to epic battles, and better paying epic battles were released. In addition, old epic battles' payouts were adjusted to pay 50% more. What have not changed are HTEs.

    HTE clans normally charge people a seal for every few days. A year ago, 6 days per seal was the norm in many HTE clans, but nowadays, HTE clans that require a seal every 4 days are suffering from seal shortage. The main problem is that the new builds have too high damage which kills HTEs too fast. I used to have multiple alts in various HTE clans, but so many clans are lacking seals so badly that I do not find it appealing to keep them in HTE clans anymore.

    I like how the devs have been coming out with new epic battles that pay almost as much as HTEs. I strongly support the movement that allows the players to enjoy the game without having to spend much money on it. However, if the devs want people to keep spending money on buying seals, I strongly recommend KaW to make HTEs last longer.
  2. I agree with this. During events, I've experienced HTE'S barely last more than a few minutes. Which isn't enough to xtal,let alone get all 6 xtals in.
  3. Slow them down ... don't allow max xtals for everyone on every eb
  4. So don't allow xtaling at all. Problem solved?
  5. Your clan is one of the clans that lack seals as well Jedi. I want to try to fix the problem here.
  6. Make a clan rule. No Xtals unless you're the sealer. Or if it's not worth it, just go to a clan running the ebs that pay as well
  7. Why stop xtalling? It's a money sink for the devs :lol: extending hte is a great idea
  8. Support hte fix.

    Players have grown to immense sizes and hte has not scaled with those sizes, so it dies incredibly fast and to watch a $6 eb die in just a few minutes feels to me like our dollar is diminished
  9. Yes, where most of my alts are now. Only the alts that cannot get into those are hitting HTE now. But I still think the issue needs to be addressed. If two people can kill the EB that costs $6, there is a problem.
  10. I was clan hoping with mcarni on my main, took 8 players to clear hte in under 15 minutes. I do agree that the eb should have increased bars.

    I know secret service runs them in under 5 minutes
  11. Inflation sucks! $6 just doesn't go as far as it used to.

    I am sure they are aware of this. They intentionally made all other EBs 50% more pay so that HTE isn't near as profitable.

    Soon they will come out with another higher paying eb that cost $10 to open it, that will last slightly longer.
  12. I support this. I'm sure the solution will be what nanoc said about $10 ebs
  13. Yes HTE is very short for the strong clans. The value of a seal has definitely decreased. While I feel the devs will do nothing that the community suggests as they normally do, I feel we can always continue to try pushing ideas.

    Maybe someday they will listen.
    But, this would result in less cash for them so I doubt it. Increasing length of the eb, or reducing damage dealt to it(without changing pay) would only result in devs making less money in the short term, as less seals would need to be bought to run a HTE.

    Speaking in long term value though, I can see it as a good investment. No one can disagree that the game is losing people, faster than it gains the equivalent in cash flow. Whilst I do not think the game is anywhere near dying, I do believe that less and less will pay for HTE as we continue on.

    By adding another bar to the first phase, or another similar increase, SOD 's value goes up, therefore making it a better investment for each player, and more will tend to buy SOD.

    In short, devs won't do it because it won't make them quick money now. Good idea though.

    Edit: This will probably be the solution. Sounds like a dev thing to do.
  14. New epic battles in higher tiers are made to cater for higher stronger stats .this principle should extend to epic battles u pay to open/participate or the purpose it was created for may be lost to players who wish to play in this manner. (Over a year b2b hte in clan) demand is there kaw for this format.
  15. I like how "HTE isn't near as profitable". It is how the game should be. I am glad the gap has closed a little between non spending users and spending users. It is why I said make the EB last longer, not increase plunder and/or payout. The gap should remain close. FYI, I make stupid amount of gold ally trading, so I am not that as affected as everyone would think (me being an HTE fairy).
  16. Huh? There are still 5 minute hte clans, and 1-4 hour hte clans. If you like. Shop around a bit. How about a 'premium' lignabula eb? With a new seal to open. Lol. Then instead of 600 billion-1 trillion per 15 minute eb.....1 trillion to 2 trillion per eb. Gotta save up for the next land expansion. Lol. Anyways, I prefer blowing the $6 and being done in 10 to 30 minutes. And collecting money and items. Done. If I wanted to relax in a hammock on the beach eb, then just save the 6$ and hit the improved 'haunting', a fast 'dragon', or lignabula. Payouts a little less, but no 'stress of the fast hte'. But I'm probably missing the point. Anywho, health and happiness in rl.
  17. That is not a fix. When you got a clan where half the clan is almost BC. 20 of them unloading is enough to kill the HTE in a few minutes. Forget xtals.
  18. Haunting the escape has been around almost 2 years now. September 11 marks its 2 year anniversary in game, as it was released on kaws birthday. Back then it was difficult to blitz b2b under 5min.

    Today though, our modern stats are very strong and make such a task doable. In all likelihood, we need a new eb that's more difficult as substitute.