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  1. And ffs you said the eb takes hours. In their eb history it shows their hte's are 1 hour + . For you to hit both item phases, thats more than 30 minutes apart at the bare minimum.

    They claim that they warned you after phase one, and that wall post was sent directly after(after phase one, with ca saying closed items). Now that's at least 30minutes before for phase 2 items.

    Now recent eb records at your current clan show you are very very active... 500 actions in 3 hours.You would not go inactive,because most likely you were skimming,which is what occurs in clans with over 1 hour hte's. Also, you spen rl money on it, so ofc your gonna be active as much as possible

    You read your wall post. Under normal circumstances something like that would cause confusion, especially if you dont understand sarcasm. Thus you would look to cc. Then you will find that you were being spoken to, and find it obvious that you violated the terms posted in Ca

    Overall your story doesnt add up. Closed Hte's do not fly by, especially in a clan like this. There are three solutions to this. 1). You are either very very challenged, 2). are trolling everyone and saw the warnings and knew the consequences, but proceeded anyway or 3). Were trying to steal, knowing well the consequences and then once kicked from the clan, decided to try to ruin said clans reputation.

    And BTW, you slandered gay people because you said the clan yada yada yada in your original post while calling the clan "vagaycation"
    This tone was repeated multiple times and can be considered an attack against such people

    ^ That can result in a forum ban

    -Detective Suptis
  2. K and by the way, what does the word I bolded and upsized stand for I don't know what it means.

    Because I'm pretty shore...

  3. ^
    For frog sake
    For fortune sake
    For fred sake
    For fox sake
    For forreal sake
    For fake sake
    For fumble sake
    For fran sake
    For Freak Sake

    Perception. Its what you make of it Kathama

    You can sit back down. Your not the real slim shady
  4. That's strange because when I google your word, it comes up with something less than acceptable and since it's widely received (apparently)

    You can't bypass your way out of it, amigo.
  5. Well. I guess thats left to the consideration of the moderators who read this. And i dont like the use of kasama's pronouns. Call me he or she or they.

    "An Eye for an eye"
    For me to get rko'd means salty gets it first.

    Glad i could solve the case :)
  6. HE GOT U GUD M8
  7. 1: screenshot coming of stupidly long hte's

    2: you're right that post came before phase 2 where I hit items. The owner did post on my wall saying, "[ignore me, hit items, hit eb]"

    3:that seal dropped from a haunt, it was my first ever seal I did not buy. So this point was made of speculation which Was incorrect

    4: you admitted the post was confusing, I was confused and it's the owners fault do not being able to use proper language. I did check cc/ca but it said something different. I decided to listen to the owners direct request upon my wall instead of ca which could be set by anyone.

    5: my story doesn't add up? You must not have read it properly then, I suggest re reading it and also read this over multiple times before responding

    Normal person Salty not fake detective
  8. I'm an ex-admin here. As far as us scamming seals and such, I can say that was never really a thing. Admins/Owners probably sealed more than anyone else. On top of this, we worked incredibly hard; trying to make sure everyone stayed passed and updated and no one lost their closed items, which was determined by what pass they wanted upon dropping their seal.
    I was demoted for various reasons by the owners. Not my business, didn't really care to be honest. It was their clan and not mine and to be fair; I had been busy. The problem came into play when I was never even told I was being demoted, never spoken to or given a pass that was supposed to be given to me. Because of this, I left. I didn't know there was anything else I was supposed to do and I didn't want to cause any drama.

    Several other friends asked me about what happened and I was honest with them, yet I still got messages stating that I was telling people I didn't know why I was demoted, which was never the case.

    This is where ak1 stepped in. He was around me way more than the owners and saw the work I was putting in despite everything I was dealing with in real life. He was denied a council meeting over me and told that no one would be taking over the clan. Out of loyalty for me, someone he considered family, even though I begged every member that asked me about it, ak1 denied my request and left until I was allowed back.

    It was at this point that it was explained to me that I should have gotten a pass and told to come home. I did... And I begged ak1 to come home with me. Because of what he did for me, he was dropped from the clan and farmed.

    At this point, I told the female owner that I couldn't be in a clan that was hitting friends and they were threatening or hitting most in that clan, who were only there to help someone else with unlocks anyway. She understood and was respectful of my choice.

    Since then, I've wandered around kaw, happily being an eb fairy for now and visiting friends. Life was good and drama free.

    Then, without warning, I start getting messages from the owners talking about how I was telling people I was being farmed, which was also not the case. I was asked a couple times whether I was being as I have a few older players that keep a check on me. (Sorry, totally my fault for making friends that actually care about me in a game.) One of these same people outright asked the owner if he was farming me and the owners took this to mean that I was telling EVERYONE I was being farmed, which was never the case.

    I even gave a play by play of things I had talked about throughout the day. In order for them to believe me as I apparently hadn't proven my loyalty, it was advised that I post something positive in this forum. That I did, just along with a fuller version of the truth.

    On that note, despite the fact that I'm a horrible person and cause untold amounts of drama, *rolls eyes*, I left the clan my friend was in so they would be left out of any fallout from my reply.

    I can't speak for any other things that happened while I wasn't present.
  9. Kiwi, you were told to come here and post something positive, after all that?
  10. This is a well written post and I think it describes the clan very well. The vacation is a negative cesspool inside of kaw that ruins what good they have, I have spoke to ak1 and I have heard kiwis story from her. They're good people who got into a bad group that ended up screwing them over. That is all the information required as to why you're not dropping your seal for the vacation
  11. It was needed to "prove" I wasn't trying to start drama by telling everyone I was being farmed when I wasn't.
  12. Hello i think I.C. is one of the better hte clans their passes are great for hte ocasionally slow but still a good hte clan
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  15. But according to the thread it's for everyone to share their opinions. Why don't you grow a pair and hit me back you dumb fairy.
  16. I have some ss from you aswell if we're playing this game.
  17. Salty, not everyone likes your 3rd grade spelling. Please use proper english.
  18. Will you all grow up and stop acting like children. Yes yall attention seeking that ok, yes you want everyone on your side that's ok too, but guess what it's a God damm game. Get the heck over it and move on. I was a admin too ya know and I got nothing bad to say about the clan, yea some people jerks, or mean but I was still friends with them, one reason why I left is because people like you salty who want to cause drama every chance you get, steal items, ignore rules, do what you want because when it comes down to it. You just another low life scum troll that no one cares about. And to all my ex clan members, why do you care what stupid has to say it's not gona hurt you not that many people read this bull and yall just acting like children. Go back to hitting your hte and get over it. You in a hte clan for God sake, your growing faster then haft the people in the game. That's all for now peace
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