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  1. Vacation is a good clan, if you consider scamming seals, tricking members to get them kicked and a twisted owner slowly turning the clan into a cesspool... Good. Ofc the rest of us aren't so simple-minded
  2. If any mods or devs read this thread plz pm me as I would like to post many ss'es from some ppl and don't want to b silenced.and our lord needs b exposed as the foul mouthed racist he/she is. Anyone else that would like to see the posts pm me and I can show a racist foul mouthed deranged peoples
  3. Anyone are not the brightest? Really?
  4. Du evin english
  5. As opposed to anyone is not the brightest, they both sound strange in your context.

    But one could say you are incorrect but everyone is correct in a sense.

    Or everyone are correct, should I say.

    Anyone who thinks it is incorrect are most certainly foolish.

    Blah blah blah, more word play.
  6. pretty sad when u have ur own friends turning on ypu
  7. On the 2nd day of my pass at The Vacation that I paid circles for and so far I don't really have any complaints. I always check ca before hitting items and my experience has been profitable and drama free. Zta and hte are slow which doesnt bother me bc I can actually get some hits in, and xtal when my crux is on. I'm not an admin or really even a friend of the clan, just a relatively happy customer coming the recoup the costs of OSW.

    All of the issues that are coming up in this thread I have seen stem from people either forgetting or refusing to adhere to rules posted clearly in ca, and refusing to repay when such mistakes have been made. I am not going to sit around and argue who is right and wrong because that isn't the topic of this thread and quite frankly, I don't care. Just a satisfied customer sharing an honest review of my experience.
  8. the people ur osw wit are in dat clan and r the main suportirs. Ur payen ur enimi's
  9. Warfare since ur rideng daddy and mommy how about this u want to not close phs for cir dropers droping 50 ea time but u guys wanted the big spenders to wait 1hour 2hours to get eb open because u cant find the cirs to open
  10. Well this is certainly not the fastest hte clan i have been in. But scamming seals? Hardly. Unless by scamming u mean ff your pass because of stupidity.
  11. You have Not looked at the screenshots where I was told to hit items by the owner. Then I got kicked for hitting them... How is that not a scam
  12. Honey why would i forfit my pass because i droped 50 pluse cir and bc and wanted to close one ph and god ffa my items then got mad i cussed him for it
  13. So this thread has basically derailed can it please just get locked lol. Maybe start over instead of going over and over the same darn thing.
  14. Hot tub kinda predatory
  15. When you're getting nailed in every argument so you try to get the mods to lock it
  16. That vacation clan is absolutely a right butthurt piece of crap.. they scam lie and farm if they get butthurt I dropped 2 seals I still had a pass on my wall you can look at it.. I accidently hit closed items as I didn't look in ca thought it was ffa.. then I apologised in cc and to owner and dropper they dropped me without any warning I joined back and they were saying you must repay or ff stay and me being a new player I dont know wtf that means.. so I pmed owner and he/she said I must repay a seal so I tried to buy one from with nobility points but didn't have enough to I tried my card and it got declined so I explained that I was 3 np off a seal they weren't taking any of it.. and I was telling the truth n all. And the next thing I know is I'm being hit by the whole clan plus outside players. They scammed me out of 2 seals and tried to blame it on 3 items that I hit. Anyways I want to thank whoever made tissue thread and I want to thank AK1 from saving me from that horrible butthurt clan. Hope everyone can understand my reply. I'm sorry to whoever has fallen for their lies! :(
  17. No support.
  18. Kathama how many alts do you have

    And why do i feel like salty and frans go to newer clans with set-in-stone intentions
  19. This thread is like goon sqaud 101