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  1. So as I stayed here in a Hte clan. I had an idea. Why not review it? Why not allow everyone to review it.

    Review format

    •Name of Hte clan


    •[insert brief description of your stay]

    •[insert pros/cons]

    The Vacation- 3/5

    To fit in with general complaints and feelings towards this Hte clan. They are very aggressive, rude and easily tempered. Many admins and owner really have no general care for visitors. They are unorganised due to this and admin and in clan drama is ripe. Even in some classes where they will randomly de mod their own admins then when question. They'd deny it and lie to others about their actions. Farming has happened due to this.

    But these people provides slow Ebs and they're still building their clan off the frame work that was satan's hot spot. They can provide fun cc while you wait for cc and they try not to be too serious.

    Run down

    cons-rude, aggressive, drama. Unloyal, untrusting and unorganised

    Pros- fun cc, still growing, slow Hte and not too serious

    The Hot tub

    Hot tub is predatory. There's been mainly unreported claims on this thread that are known to community.


    Disclaimer all reviews that are posted here may or may not be true. I am in no means going to be double checking peoples claims
  2. Ahaha I've been waiting for this I've actually got a great thread I was making for a review
  3. The vacation will scam u blind
  4. My friend joined The Vacation earlier and told me he was scammed out of his seal.
  5. The Paycation; a clan based off extremely slow HTE's, forfeiting ebs until they can convince someone to buy a seal And kicking people for no reason after they do why they where told to do

    Take me for example, after the owner told me to ignore him/her and hit the items I did since I did not wanting disobey orders.
    This ended up getting me kicked after is dropped a seal! How dare they do this

    Now I'm sure that The paycation already sounds like a great clan but just wait there's more.

    This quality clan assumes genders, yes that's right they committed the ultimate crime and assumed my gender!

    The requirements to join are as follows:

    Must be willing drop seals for crappy passes that will mostly be wasted waiting for someone else to drop seals

    Must be willing to drop circles to hit zta even if you have a pass

    You must accept that what the owner says is the truth no matter what and if you disagree you will be kicked

    Your combined stats must be at least 900cs

    Final words:
    I would like to thank the amazing council at The Negation for being morons and giving me inspiration to write this thread.

    I would also like to thank Ak1 who was the head admin until the owner got butthurt over nothing and cause him to leave and search for a better clan (which is very easy to find)

    I'll put in the pictures when I feel like it
    (Also I changed the name of this clan so I don't get in trouble)
  6. The Vacation iz the worst the klan their is. No klan is az bad an skams like they du. I rekomend runing away insted of joinin them
  7. Lmao. The Vacation does not scam. Maybe if you followed the rules you wouldn't get kicked.
  8. Slow HTE = More Gold
  9. Not when you're waiting 2 hours for it to start
  10. Rip vaGAYtion u tride to mak a klan an it failed u guyz suck rip
  11. Cant say I had any luck at the vacation but zta hte reloaded was great very kind an welcoming.
  12. Well how about droping a crap load of seals and someone getting butt hurt then god telling everyone ffa on my items whit my battle cry on and my cirs then kicks me for calling greedy people broke noobs. Then instead of getting away with my 400 bucks i spent he follows me and farms
  13. wat klan m8?
  14. The vacation is a great place to drop circles and seals i got my pass and was allowed to hit ffa items what a great place to come to
  15. How much where you paid? 300bil to say this probably
  16. I wasnt paid anything the vacation is a great clan and i would recommend it to anyone
  17. Now -_assassins_creed_- they support item stealers in fact they allow it
  18. Seems to me salty and big that you two are the only ones that think The Vacation is a bad place. Salty, you were kicked because you don't comprehend sarcasm. Big, you were kicked because you were telling players they couldn't hit zta. If you people weren't so damn dumb and greedy you wouldn't have been kicked.

    The Vacation is my Home. EBs may be slow but if it was easy to run a b2b hte clan than everyone would do it.
  19. Salty, the more you talk bad about a clan the more you make every other clan you join look bad. Keep that in mind.