HTE Temporarily Unavailable (9AM -12PM PST)

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Hmmm maybe they are going to give us 3 x plunder on hte and longer bars.

    Ok I can dream alright. 
    We shall wait and see. And if mods start showing up naked I'm keeping my eyes shut -_-
  2. They don't take hte off before promo. They are tweaking something. I hope they are making it a harder eb given new lands and levels it has become so easy. Plz make 200% harder
  3. What's the reason behind this devs? Forgot to mention why, oh wait you guy's forget to complete things 100% and go back and fix it latere LMAO!! J/k devs have a wonderful new year.
  4. No HTE and not even a Happy New Year's Day message ... Bad business decisions
  5. No HTE and not even a Happy New Year's Day message ... Bad business decisions
  6. It's only 9am there, still New Year's Eve give them a break!
  7. Please remove this crap eb forever
  8. It would be really cool if they Turned SEALS into "CIRCLETS" in a sense. Increase the drop rate in all EBs and make it 100 seals needed to open HTE.


    Make it similar to events where you need 4 different seals to make the one to open. 4 people needed to open it.
  9. I just started an HTE so I'm a bit confused.. I thought it was going to be unavailable
  10. ^ if you're gonna insult someone, don't fear the consequences
  11. Or the bug where some players can't drop a SoD?
  12. Support
  13. Why, what happened to Red Ghost, are u gonna make it better for our moneys worth?
  14. Hagrid the Eccentric, it's the rumored sequel to Lignabelua of the Lowlands
  15. New year hte promo…
  16. For all the "it's a promo people"

    Since when have devs had to shut down the eb to start a promo?
  17. maybe longer hte
  18. Hopefully HTE is going back to its original purpose a bi-monthly growth promo.