HTE Temporarily Unavailable (6AM -12PM PDT)

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Is it just me, or do I smell a fleet of brand new Ferraris? Xstals, nobs and seals in the sale things... Hmmm
  2. It's not just u lol
  3. It does actually lol. Maybe not in this game, but it does 100% in grocery stores etc
  4. Whattttt. People truly fall for it?
    I've always seen through it, seems so easy too. Never even known a child to fall for it.
  5. Yeah they actually researched if it worked multiple times, and the outcome was that the product sold like 25% more often :lol:
  7. Are you kidding me? If this is a buff to HTE I am going to cry. This proves that devs only listen to LB. people who can hit ASOF and LOTL complain HTE is too small. So devs listen to the 15 people who support it. When 300 people support indi in s6 devs say nothing, don't even say no. I'm really hoping their silence is consideration. However I will be very mad if I am right.

  8. Hey grant, you know none of us will care if you bc your accounts right, you're developers its not cheating 
  9. Ata getting ready to destroy this game once and for all maby?
    Needs more unbalancing.
  10. I think devs should reset ally market, it would be fun to see it go crazy!
  11. Just buff hte/zta and bring back the summer rotating x2 and x3 gold ebs, everyone will be happy.
  12. Poor devs, honestly why start new accounts now, it's almost a joke and you know it. With spending no money it would take at least 3 years to bc even with a free ride in an B2b hte clan. It's just not amusing, use your real accounts if you have them. And if you never played to begin with that explains why there's no indy anymore. There's a dynamic in warring and you pretty much screwed that up. If you don't play the game you program like a real player, I don't see how you can put any real effort or heart into this game.
  13. Just got word in from ATA. This new and "improved" HTE will fight back
  14. It's clear devs don't play their own game properly. If they did, we'd be seeing more improvements to the game and the updates they create would actually be functional.

    Instead we see superficial band aid fixes and more copy and paste events. And things that only ever cater to a selct minority. There is virtually zero game improvements or updates or attempts to improve player retention.

    Devs are barely aware of what the players need.
  15. Lies?
  16. Support!
  17. Pretty much on the money with these quotes, they got greedy and broke a good game but it happens, they'll be new games on market soon that'll be as addictive as this once was and will entice the gamers intellect about different builds and such the same way this once did.....sad to say but i cant help but now look forward to it