HTE Temporarily Unavailable (6AM -12PM PDT)

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  1. Add 1 more Ape and enter S6 
  2. Are we ever going to see actual game improvements? Or just bandaid fixes?

    If this is indeed going to be a new and improved HTE, I really hope you have considered the consequences this time round and actually have ensured the eb will be balanced. Then again inflation and other such issues are beyond fixing at this point.

    Though I suppose we should be thankful you might be listening to your paying customers RE the length of HTE finally. That is something at last. Will you start listening about other in game issues also? Can we expect more improvements in the future?

    Oh sorry, what was I thinking. Wishful thinking, right?
  3. Fix your leaky IWar build for starters
  4. Who's leaky build? :roll:
  5. HTE adjustments.. They're going to pilot test the looooooonger version with lesser item-phase. Make it like the - ambush eb :lol:

    ATA team having a clan, hmmmm, something's going to be reeeeaaallly "interactive" and hands-on. Looks like we're going to have something like GMs on an MMO.
  6. Omg zta again
  7. Developers would need to triple the output of HTE for smaller builds to even have a minuscule chance of ever build completing, and that's only if no new buildings, building levels or lands are released.

    Except this means instead of making four to six trillion gold per HTE, build complete players will be making twelve to eighteen trillion.
  8. HTE is still decent gold for any build. However it has fallen behind in item drops for bigger accounts, hence why they've moved on to LOTL and ASoF.

    I believe the complaint revolves around the damage and how short the eb is, not the gold made? That's been my observations anyway.

    Please don't give them ideas for 18T on an eb. That's ridiculous :lol: Devs are probably going to do it, aren't they :( :lol:
  9. Tripling the length would make me happy to be honest. Though it's meant to be for any build that's above two to three days old so it would need a couple of hours added on to the time you have to complete it.
  10. Eb fairy's are gonna be angry
  11. But the real question is..

    Can Ata_Mark SKO?
  12. Can't really be an "eb fairy" these days.
  13. It's Aqua and Inferno HTE's... Assuming that's why it keeps changing in the EB list..?
  14. Get Ready for big surprise!

  15. I don't think so, if so the ROTWB eb would probably be unavailable too.

    I'm looking forward to see what it is though! :)
  16. Its HtE revamped! 4x Haunt and seal costs 98 nobs!
  17. Yep. 98 instead of 100. 59 instead of 60. 29 instead of 30.
    That marketing technique never actually works, I'm not sure why people try it still.
  18. Please make it cost a seal a phase. So 2 seals per hte
  19. Oooooooo spicy!

  20. Something like this would actually make sense stack seals and each one doubles the length of bars hit points