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  1. Why... Is.. It.. -.-
  2. Spam war?! How pathetic.....

    All parties involved should be shot.
  3. What is HSH?!
  4. So i downloaded this Hsh app... heres the doff between hsh and kaw... kaw is for for mature 18 while shs looks like a 12 and under kinda game 
  5. difference is kaw is 18 ans HSH is 12 and under*
  6. We can't control the who plays hsh and who doesn't. Most players run the little kids off though.
  7. Why is this still stickied.... ******* hell man.
  8. Farming is part of kaw like it or not, but spamming is annoying as hell
  9. Farming is a part of kaw like it or not... But spamming is annoying as hell. Lol darth
  10. What is HSH anyways..?
  11. HSH is High School Hero
  12. Another one... Oh joy...
  13. Maybe she can STFU and not repeat gay threads...

    This thread makes me wanna go spam...
  14. I agree J... but spam means more annoying threads
  15. This was unstickied by Wulf