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  1. Who gives a rats ass
  2. KaW is on the app leaderboard soooo...
  3. Pleas let this stuff stop your just making it worce by bringing it up
  4. Wait another spam war started... And i missed it!! Fml
  5. HSH = High School Hero

    Terrible game. =(
  6. Well ur a terrible person for Bumping this tread.. -.-
  7. I didn't bump it. I answered a question. It was already bumped, ignorant nub. =,( I'm literally crying of your ignorance and newbie-ness
  8. Yayz ur the 4th person I made cry today ;D I'm on a roll
  9. =(

    Wow, you are so mean. Making people cry...
  10. HSH=High School Horseplay
    PIMD=Porno In My DormantMind
  11. Let the thread curl up and die in the corner please it just starts arguments
  12. Josh it's stickied...

    Might as well turn it into a KaW supremacy thread... XD
  13. U farm soldier just call me I farm him too
  14.  My second thread stickied about the same thing too.

    You could say its advertising but I'm just mentioning another app. Im not ranting on about how hsh is so much better and what not. This isn't advertising. Sorry. 
  15. If I was a mod I'd delete this...
  16. Why is this stickied? Forumers don't want this crap stickied. The topic is irrelevant now, delete this MODS.
  17. Last time it was unstickied... Chaos... And Forum Spamming
  18. Why don't they just sticky it in their own game??

    Oh wait!

    They can't!!