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  1. Please round your players back up. I look here and there are no hsh threads. But if you go to hsh, There are kaw threads
  2. Blue, there were tons of threads just before you came here.
  3. Suck my tits
  4. Everyone that says things bout hsh thats 3rd party advertising and thats not allowed they should be silenced and forum bannedq
  5. We did win the spam war...
  6. I heard pimd, HSH, and FH formed a spamming alliance and they started it.
  7. t0xic your a retard
  8. Is that the only insult you ever have Crayon? 
  9. Any more tripe about HSH and KAW needs to go here.
    I will move all new threads made for the purpose of spamming, or complaining about spamming, to the graveyard.
    I will lock the old ones I come across.

    Repeat offenders will be inviting a forum ban.
  10. LMAO! jaj, it got re-stickied ^_^ your thread to un-sticky it failed :3
  11. Different thread okc, the old got one unstickied, and jaj only wanted it unstickied because there was no more spam, but it's starting back up now.
  12. Why the **** is this stickied again? It's "advertising" another app, and I'm pretty sure it was unstickied for a while... I thought it was deleted and died =/.
  13. That was a different thread with almost the same stuff hotchkiss.
  14. What is hsh?