how's everyone doing?

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  1. Hey, i quit kaw a while back but thought I would quickly pop on and see how forums are going. 3 year kaw vet....
  2. Then you should know this is spam.
  3. Spam? Yeah right, just trying to start a conversation. Has t8 arrived yet? What about new lands?
  4. Been gone probly as long as you. I didn't know we had T7s already.

    I'm great btw. Thanks for asking.

    How are you, OP?
  5. Is it t6 we are up to? Now I think back, I'm sure that's right... So it would be t7 next, taking into consideration t6 level 4 and 5 were released recently. You have a while to go.

    And did you get those daily rewards and war crystals the devs promised?
  6. Plus, I'm ok thanks, life without kaw is strange, i just totally quit kaw, no messing about with slowly pulling away.
  7. I could come back, i have a 14m cs hansel still here.
  8. 3 years. Pfffft. I am a 90 years kaw vet.
  9. Bad. Just got permanently silenced for no reason lol
  10. Good thanks
  11. Must helpful thank you thank you
  12. are u a hot blonde divorced mom
  13. I'm blonde, not hot and not divorced. Is that okay?

    Is your mom hot?
  15. My moms not blonde so i guess that makes both of us useless
  16. :^)

    Please don't necrobump old threads for no reason. /lock
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.