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  1. HI all. I notice that a big part of kaw doesn't participate in indi war so hopefully I can help inspire ppl to cast and get that ee!

    Some basic Prerequisite information first about Builds and Troop/Spy loss mechanics first

    There are 4 types of builds in kaw that are relevant to analyze for lowland. its based on what % of your non-tower/castle buildings (NTB) have troops and what % have spies.

    Tanks have more than 75% of NTB as troop buildings
    hybrids have 25%-75% of NTB as troop buildings
    Hansels have less than 25% of NTB as troop buildings but at least 1
    Pure Spies (PS) have 0% of NTB as troop buildings.

    If you have all towers you have the same mechs as a ps. This isn't particularly relevant because you should never war with this build...

    You don't have to know how all of these buildings interact with each other but some things are important.

    Tanks: You can't atk a hansel (even if both of you have troops) if that hansel has 0 gold
    Hansels/PS: You can't steal a hybrid/tank if they have 0 gold and 0 spies

    If the opponent is NOT as ps and has no troops, they cannot be attacked. this is very important for lots of wars.

    Troop Loss:
    When you attack people in Kaw, you lose a percentage of your troops, not a fixed amount. So a useful unit of measurement is a regen. You regen every 5 minutes and it restores about 8% of your spy bar and troop bar.

    If your troop atk stat is more than 2x your opponents troop defense stat:
    You will lose half a regen of troops, and they will lose slightly more than half a regen of troops. You have a 99% chance of winning that attack, and it will say "Your overwhelming might crushed your enemy". These attacks are extremely efficient since it kills more of their troops than your own AND you get gold from the attack

    If your troop atk stat is about the same as your opponents troop defense stat:
    You will lose a full regen of troops, and if you win the atk, they will lose 2/5 of a regen of troops. If you lose the attack, they will lose 1/5 of a regen of troops. You have about 50% chance of winning the atk. Note that these attacks are not nearly as efficient as the ones above. Ignoring the impact it has on the other person, you have HALF the chance of getting gold and it costs you DOUBLE the troops. They are only 1/4 as efficient as overwhelming attacks in terms of making money.

    If your troop atk stat is less than 1/2 your opponents troop defense stat:
    You will lose 1.5 regens of troops. Regardless if you win or lose, the will lose 1/5 of a regen of troops. You have about a 1% chance of winning that attack. These attacks seem purely bad in terms of gold generation but they are quite useful in war for reasons I will cover later.


    Scouts: your spy atk > their spy def by at least a factor of 1.3
    You lose 1/4 a regen of spies. They lose 1/3 a regen of spies. Great for killing their spies

    your spy atk is about 0.4x their spy def:
    You lose just under 1/2 a regen of spies. They lose just under 1/6 a regen. This means it takes just over 3 ppl to zs any target (VERY IMPORTANT)

    Steals: Dont do these in indi. I dont even want to post spy loss mechs because steals make so little money and the alternative is so much control. The ONLY time steals are useful is to sko. if their spy def is 1.5x your spy atk, you have max loss and lose 1.5 regens of spies

    Assn: These are absolutely gamechanging if you can win them.
    Your spy atk > their spy def by a factor of 2 then you lose 1/3 a regen of spies, kill 1/2 a regen of their spies, and 1/2 a regen of their troops. Wow thats so efficient for control

    Your spy atk < their spy def by a factor of 2 then you lose 2/3 a regen of spies, kill 0 of their troops if you lose (have 1% chance of winning so not important to show winning troop loss) and you kill just under 1/4 of a regen of their spies. Again this is great because it means just over 3 ppl can use assn to zs anyone

    Now that you have the basic prerequisite knowledge, we can start talking about how to use each kind of build. At a very very high level, the goal is to get the most gold using the least amount of troops while letting opponent get least gold possible.

    Usually the best way to do this is with overwhelming attacks. Remember that overwhelming atks are 4x more efficient than atks where you can defender are even in terms of power so you want to try and have as many of those as possible. After all, you don't want opponents to get overwhelming attacks on you. So the general strategy is for the team to coordinate for the people who are "leaks" like hyb without enough adt and hansels on the first skim targets, and have the rest of the people skim them. Once people start getting overwhelming attacks, you want to call to plunder out on that skim target (eating that target) and getting a ton of gold. So similarly, if you find yourself getting skimmed and low on troops, then you might want to dive fails on the next skim target so that the other team doesn't get overwhleming attacks on you. So your priorities as a person with troops is to get as many overwhelming attacks as possible, which would be usually eating low skim targets, eating regens/repins while staying high enough so they can't get overwhelming attacks on you.

    Now what do we do with our spies?
    If you can win assn on people, that is amazing for control. You kill their troops and spies for just your spies. Unfortunately, people know how amazing assn are for control so most people have a lot of sdt. So only ps, hybrids, hansels, and people with massive bfa can win assn. If you can win assn, go for it, but a lot of the time you wont be able to. So then what do you do? Well you can dump your spies on enemy ps to make sure that they don't win assn on your team! Or you can ko people who are zero troops for repins. Up to you. Just use spies wisely. Most of the time it takes about 3 full bars of spies to fully kill someone else's spy bar so it does cost quite a bit of control.

    More about how to build coming later.
  2. Good thread. Important info. 10/10 smash sober.
  3. What bfa do you need to get the full 10% bonus?
  4. I think it’s 2/2/2/2 in billions. But that’s for lowland only