How to use Crestplates/Building Tokens

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  1. Alright folks, we got a lot of tickets with players asking how to use Tokens or saying that they didn't get them. This FAQ will try to clear as many questions as possible and hopefully help you guys out!

    Q: Where can I see my building tokens?
    A: You can see your tokens in your profile under "Building Tokens" section. It's just above the "Other items" or "Misc." section

    Q: How do I use my building tokens?
    A: The process is really straightforward and is similar to how you would usually go about constructing/upgrading your buildings.

    If you want to make a new building, you just click on an empty land and you will see all the buildings you can construct there. You will also see price in tokens, as well as in gold


    When you click on "Build", you will be asked "How would you like to pay?" and you will have two options


    The process is similar for upgrades. If the "Upgrade Building" button is greyed out, it just means that the building is already at max level.


    Q: But what about Osmon Rai?
    A: That's the thing. There are no tokens for Osmon Rai yet! When you try to upgrade or construct a building in Osmon Rai, you will be presented with two options, but one of them will be unavailable


    If you are build complete up to Osmon Rai, you simply have no lands/buildings to apply tokens on! If you want to make 100% sure that your building tokens work, you can try razing a building in Lowlands and rebuilding it with tokens.

    If you can see another button next to buy/upgrade with gold, then your tokens are okay! Please contact us through Feedback if you have updated the application and still cannot see the option to use building tokens!

    Thanks a lot folks!
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  4. Can the Devs make a way to sell the building tokens in Mass? I have thousands of them and it takes forever to crush building and build and repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.........
  5. For hoarfrost, upgrade to level 5 and sell to get the same profit as buying/selling level 1s. Loads faster, no trade-off.

    For abyss, upgrade to level 6 and you'll get >75% (I believe it works out to be 87% or so, but don't quote me on that--I did that exact math months ago and largely forgot it) of the gold you'd get for buying/selling a level 1. Selling any lower than l6 is fine too, you'll get closer to the max. Above l6 the rebate (gold/token) begins to drop sharply.

    Iirc, 1200 abyss tokens is 1.92t if you buy/sell 1s. For hf, it's *about* 1t/1k tokens.