How to Use Aqua/Inferno/Mithril Wisely

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  1. Introduction

    So you have some Mithril, Inferno, or Aqua laying around, but you're not sure which piece of equipment to enchant. This thread will help you choose which equipment to enchant if your main focus is getting the most stats for your Mithril, Aqua, or Inferno.

    This doesn't take into account the stat type or the success/failure rate - this is just a simple, quick way to see which enchantment will give you the most bang for your buck.

    Note: This will not tell you which piece of equipment works best in any particular slot. Think of this as a guide for bargain shoppers. Aqua, Mith, and Inferno are so rare that I can't stand using it only to see a marginal bump in stats. I may make another guide in the future that will take a look at which equipment works best in certain slots, but it will be more complicated because it's a two-dimensional analysis, rather than a one-dimensional analysis, like this one. Finding the best equipment for a particular slot depends on two things - stats and build. Therefore, it isn't as straightforward as this one.

    How This Works

    First, take a look at this image below:


    This is my calculation for the Torrent Talisman.

    Note: All stat values shown are in millions

    Looking at the first row, you will see the change you will get when enchanting from level zero to level one. All I did was add up the combined stats for the item and placed it in the “Old Stats” column. In the case of the first row, the unenchanted item stats are placed in the “Old Stats” column. The “New Stats” are what the stats will be with the next enchantment level, in this case, level one.

    Then I subtracted the “Old Stats” from the “New Stats” to get the “Stat Change.”

    After that, I added the Mithril or Aqua and Inferno required to reach this enchantment level and divided the stat change by this number to get the “Stat Boost Per Mithril or Inferno/Aqua.”

    Finally, I took the total Aqua/Inferno or Mithril spent and divided it by the total stat boost to come up with the “Average Stat Boost Per Aqua/Inferno.”


    I did the above procedure for all currently available enchantable equipment. Once I did, I ranked them in order of “Average Stat Boost Per Mithril or Aqua/Inferno” to come up with the order of most bang for your buck when deciding where to spend your precious Mithril, Aqua, and Inferno.

    The results are listed in the tables below:

    Note: Items with upgrade value marked with a question mark are unknown due to incomplete information in the equipment guides listed at the bottom of this page. Your help would be appreciated if you could find out the stats and upgrade costs for the missing items!

    Epic Battle Equipment


    Mithril Equipment


    As you can see, the most valuable piece of Aqua/Inferno equipment for this analysis is the Gold-Plated Greaves. The least valuable is the Deathstalker Helm.

    The most valuable piece of Mithril equipment for this analysis is the Ring of Malefactors. The least valuable are the Gauntlets of Retribution.


    Here are my data in case anyone cares to know how I came up with all my figures or cares to double check my results.

    There are 53 pieces of equipment evaluated as of May 20th, 2014

    Special shout out to l_Love_KaW for his useful guide. This wouldn't have been possible without his hard work.

    Another special shout out to Resilience for his very useful guide and for keeping it updated and hunting down all the important data!

    P.S. If this guide looks familiar, that's because I posted it before (minus all the new equipment). I no longer have access to the account I originally posted this thread from, so I had to make a new one. Please feel free to report me if you think I'm lying and stole this thread from someone else.
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