How to upload photo to photobucket

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  1. It worked! Awesome!
  2. Finally it worked
  3. How do you change the picture size? photo bucket is a different now so I have no idea where the size setting is.
  4. You have to use a different app.
  5. Nvm I got it xP
  6. Just another way to do it.

    Go to this link (on any device) and proceed with the following.


    Click "choose file" and pick your photo that you have already taken, or I you have not yet, click "take photo" and take one then and there.
    Go to "Resize" and make it 320x240 and upload it. Wait for it to load.


    Now copy the IMG code to your clipboard. The bbcode is already there for you, it is literally just copy and paste that string of characters and that's your picture ready to go.
  7. Test