How to upload photo to photobucket

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  1. Although it has a couple of typos, good guide!
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  5. [​IMG] hope it works
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  10. Just a tip:
    If you have the version of photobucket that doesn't have resizing, and your picture is too big to post on forums:
    • Go to your photos (the built in one, not on photobucket.
    • Find the pic you want to upload.
    • SCREENSHOT THAT PICTURE without the top and bottom bars showing.
    • Upload the ss of a picture to photobucket.

    You'll end up with a screen-sized picture, fits easy on forum.
  11. True, worked for me thanks to toast.
  12. I've changed my photobucket image size to the one it says here, but it says "your pictures may only be up to 600 pixels high. Your pictures may only be up to 600 pixels wide." what should I do?