How to upload photo to photobucket

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  1. Thanks maj . Though i already knew how, this was very easy to understand
  2. Edited to include resize step. Please make the adjustment so that the image will not look to big that will break forum border and slow down the loading process.

  3. Nice job . Btw maj, idk I'd you'll see this, but sorry for asking for a hire on your wall when I first started. I sift know what I was doing 
  4. Btw, you don't always need to upload your own. You can search for what you want and copy the img code
  5. That's true and there the image bbcode comes in handy. However, believe or not, many kaw players love to take screenshot on pal :) (you know what I am talking about). So, this guid will help them to upload and post on forum.

    Either ways are fine....
  6. Haha true. Though normally you don't post screenshots of pal on here. And if did of a pic u could just save it to your camera roll from pal
  7. believe me... Others do when come to "big event"....
  8. [​IMG] good guide 
  9. You'll see.
  10. How do I make moving pictures
  11. It's called animation smiley icon. You can Google the web and get the link and post back here by using image bbcode
  12. Isn't it against tou to tell us how to do this just out of courosity
  13. Why is it against ToU?