How to upload photo to photobucket

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  1. This small guide will show you how to upload the photo to Photobucket application right on your iDevice.

    01/ Go to App Store
    02/ Search: photobucket
    03/ Download: photobucket free application
    04/ Open up Photobucket application and create photobucket account.
    05/ Change photo size setting to suit forum (credit to xXpunkerzXtobiXx)
    06/ Click on Upload Media
    07/ a-Click on Choose Existing: will select image from your photo roll
    b-Click on Choose Camera: to take new photo.
    08/ Let select Choose Existing and go to your photo roll and select photo you want to upload.
    09/ After done uploading, click on My Album (this album will order by the latest upload).
    10/ Click on the image you just uploaded
    11/ Click on the bottom right corner (i=info)
    12/ and Tab on the IMG field to copy the image code.
    13/ Close down Photobucket application
    13/ Back on to KaW, Forum, and paste it in your topic.

    Note: if you have multi images, copy all those codes and paste it on iDevice notepad first for easier copy and paste to you topic.

    Here is another version from Shifter for individual whose photobucket version doesn't support image resize
    Thanks to:
    -Donkey (reminding me the resize step)
    Shifter (for Photobucket doesn't support image resize)
    xXpunkerzXtobiXx (screenshot)

    Happy KaWing.
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    Hope this little guide will help everyone.
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  11. I made a guide that had all of this in 6 steps.
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