How To Unstuck Furniture On IOS Devices

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by calmstorms, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. I have an issue with some of my iOS devices where I'm unable to unequip furnishing, including pets.

    There is at the moment a button on the dismantle, equip, and upgrade screen that allows you to equip a furniture. However there is no UNEQUIP feature at this moment on that screen.

    My petition to devs is for devs to add on another 'UNEQUIP' feature on the same 'EQUIP' button. This added 'UNEQUIP' feature would ensure that pets and other furniture can be easily equipped and unequipped easily without issues.

    Please show your support by sending tickets to devs regarding this issue. Let Devs that all players are concerned and aggravated about this issue an need it resoved.

    Share this information.
  2. Bro it used to be as easy as leave your middle finger on the furniture you needed to set for dismantling now its only by chance it works now
  3. No support
  4. Yeah is issue can only swap out if you have something to take its place the Likelihood of that happening for every pc of furniture installed little to none in this lifetime  so yes please fix the unequipped feature on IOS may need to roll it back a few versions to find bug but is issue, however do like the optimization you did recently with login though nice tku
  6. Not seeing an issue on an iPhone X running iOS 11.4. A short press on the furnishing equips or unequips it; a long press takes you to the screen where you can upgrade or dismantle the furnishing.
  7. The screen where you can upgrade or dismantle has another button called EQUIP, that is the button that needs to be upgraded to include the UNEQUIP feature once pressed to sort the issue of unstuck furniture for the other versions of iOS devices and PC.

    It could be a bonus also for the more current devices. Bearing in mind that KAW is one of the most play games that can also run on old devices.
  8. Same. Everything works fine. iOS here.
  9. Before getting to the screen where you can upgrade or dismantle, click on an item where you get to the "shop" and "owned" tabs, just click on the furniture you already have equipped and it should unequip.
  10. I found that it doesn’t work on old iPads. I think it’s my iPad 2 that this bug is present on.
  11. Support 110%
  12. Support
  13. my iPhone received error messages..could not retrieve legends ...when would devs help rollout d fix?
  14. The error "Error fetching legends: Session expired. Please force quit and reopen the game." Have been doing it and nothing is happening.
  15. Hi calmstorms,

    Can you write a ticket to see if we can help troubleshoot with your issues? Thanks!
  16. Hi Winston I have sent tickets on 10th, 20th, and 28th. Thanks
  17. Hiya, targeting issue as we are all well aware for most part it is the iOS version being run. I have a number of devices that roll as far back in iOS versions as the 9.3 thru10. to current 11. and all issues in this and other threads as I have experienced a # of them are generalized to versions prior to 10 mainly 9.3. up to yer not including 10. So what is being note by others as none issues are not running iOS later then 10. to current. Hence there is no nice way of saying you need to get a new device I’m saying it for them that in a round about way are communicating this by posting their iOS version of 11. / 12 followed by no support. Tho the end is near for them with the later versions I still support be these folks have been around for a while and have the most developed accts on these versions this translates into a long run of them supporting this game and if you note a version as applicable in iTunes they deserve the same support in return in short don’t bit the hand that feeds you in a very competitive market. Thanks goes out to the dinosaur’s you still have value
  18. Well said!
  19. I'm wondering whether our plea for the UNEQUIP button has fallen on devs deaf ears.

    The issue of android not able to see what eb is on in the clan fron the clan page still has not been resolved neither.