How to unlock transmute

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  1. OK I'm tired of explaining this again and again days and days after "everyone already knows this"

    (obviously everyone don't)

    On iOS you go to your mage and swipe around, and it opens your transmutation area

    For Android it's little more tricky and hundred times harder to explain

    This is the only place where you can swipe to open transmutation list on Android

  2. Thank you for making this x_x

    I know exactly what you mean by having to explain it again and again but I have no idea how to make fancy guides like this, so thank you for (hopefully :roll: ) saving a lot of people a lot of time ;)
  3. It's pretty much the same for android
  4. Yeah I question their motives hidinh stuff like this on a game designed for 10 year olds

    They could have made it easy for everyone using the button they already have called "showcase" then put an "add" button while looking at your showcase

    But that would be to easy for kids

    Instead people have to rely on Internet trolls to say how to transmute junk
  5. You are a little lenient with the age x_x looking at some of the threads n wc 5 or 6 yrs of age would be about righ,but I agree it's a poor set up for accessing the transmute pge.
  6. We knew thought Android players could handle hard mode.
  7. Why not put it in showcase Bruce?

    It should be easy to put an "add" button while viewing your showcase
  8. I couldn't Bruce, eapically since on iOS it was working and then on android I felt like an idiot
  9. We actually might make it more accessible in the future, but for the launch we wanted it hidden because the concept of Transmuting is new to everyone and making the Transmute button more accessible would have increased the number of accidental Transmutes. Obfuscating the process meant that you had to know what you were looking for before you found it. Also, it was fun.

    Fixed <3

  10. You do realize the frustration you have caused to certain ppl,some take things to heart and feel inadequate in not being able to do certain things.Seen a few just go off and park themselves.
  11. On the S7 edge you have to swipe a gang of times. i have a fire extinguisher next to me in case my phone catches fire from all the friction.
    Also, my index finger has no more finger prints from all the swipping.
  12. Support
  13. Thank you so much!
  14. You're welcome
  15. I figured it out....

    I was always swipping fast and i thought it come right up. You have to go a little slow. Letting the swipe action take about a second to do the motion. Then wait a moment for it to switch over.

    Dont i feel like a noob :cry:
  16. Can one transmute from Computer? There's no swiping available. If can, how do i do transmute on PC?
  17. I do not believe that feature is available for pc.
  18. The Transmution feature is not available for the computer version. If you want to transmute equipment it has to be done through the app version.
  19. Not available for pc