How to transmute equipment

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  1. So first to transmute equipment you go to the market and then to the. mage and swipe left then you hold the button in the middle till it says it is done and remember this action is irreversible.
  2. You really helped me thank you. I’d love it if you could make more guides.
  3. I think this might be, no, it really IS the best guide in the game. Thank you for your valiant work, OP
  4. Yo. Where is the mage?
  5. Click Marketplace at the bottom and Mage will be on the next page at the top right location. :)
  6. Do you have to have a certain level castle? That literally just showed up for me. I’m positive it wasn’t there before.
  7. Sticky this
  8. Yes if i remember correctly you have to have a max level castle