How to transmute (a simple guide)

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  1. With the new legend out that requires you to transmute equipment in order to complete the task for a tarot card, many are asking how to transmute. Here is a quick guide on transmutting.

    Step One

    First you go to the mage. If on a droid phone, swipe left on the dialogue above aqua and inferno. If you are on ios then swipe left below.

    Step Two

    Then you get to this page

    Step Three

    Choose what you want to transmute and it will take you to this page

    Step Four

    Long press on the circle and it will bring up this dialog.

    Once transmutted, it is permanent. It cannot be undone. So choose wisely.

    PSA: The methods posted above do not work for everyone. Some phones are slightly different.
    Some people have to double tap to get to the transmute screen. Another method mentioned to me was to swipe slightly to the right and then fully swipe left. If you have a different method of getting to the transmute page, please post it in the comments.

    Thank you! I hope this guide helps.
  2. Wow! Awesome thread Mei! Hopefully it helps clear up some of the confusion lately! :)
  3. Great guide. 10/10.

    Also didn't know you could color code titles.

    Ye Boi

  4. Great thread Meiiiiiii
  5. should show how to swipe on iOS not just android.
  6. Ok. I have to admit. This should stop all the questions in wc.
  7. And how to get to the mage when there is no mage..?
    I just have the oracle and the alchemist
  8. You need a level 3 castle to get the mage unlocked.
  9. Thanks, didn't know there is a level3 castle
  10. How the hell did you reach DM and not know about lv3 castle?
  11. If they don’t know how to transmute 2 years In why bother trying to explain to them now
  12. I honestly stop learning things when kaw introduced "warcheif" thingies cause it killed my clan when I lost my phone. Now I just sort of dial it in. Also have a distinct distance for the whole funitire and charms thing from beginning. This actually forvece to learn of it's existance.
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  14. The benefits of transmuting would be very helpful I haven’t played in years and have no idea what any of this does

  15. We have two charms. One are rewards that drop from legends. Charms are transmuted from equipment. (They both serve the same purpose). The idea is to transmute equipment thats no longer used or needed to a charm that sits in a showcase on a permanent basis. This gives you a % of the stats shown as static stats. You can also trade charms and rewards.
  16. How do you transmute on a Samsung Galaxy 3 Tablet? I swiped left and right and there is no transmute page at all. Asking for a friend 