How to transfer money in KaW

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by nyn, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Naisenow if we could have some spreadsheets this would be DA BOMB
  2. Lol so your telling me that volleying my ally up top for 1m per hire is waste? Pfff bs :)
  3. Bump for clanmate
  4. Bumping old threads 
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  5. I hope not. It should in fact ^Go to Best Of...
  6. Bump this. In fact next time you see a "hire me" person on any chat, refer them to this thread
  7. This thread may be outdated due to the drop penalty being increased before t4 being released but wealth transfer still makes sense when helping start a new player. This has been one of the most useful threads I have ever read and deserves to be stickied and be placed in best of, not
  8. Nice guide
  9. No I'm closed