How to train an ahdragos

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by Cowlegend999, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. My ahdragos ested my cookie :evil:
  2. Stupid ahdragos nearly got my bacon!
  3. Here you are Sholron
  4. ahdragos
  5. Yesss I  this thread!!

    My ahdragos. He eated my foot mon! Dat not be irie.
  6. My ahdragos uses profanity all the time.... I don't even know where it learned all those bad words  bad ahdy.
  7. Wats an ahdragon i forgot
  8. I finally got mine under control, but the amount of sexting it does to is disturbing. Is there any way to take it's phone away?
  9. Lmao this thred again swabia u got to call at&t and put a limitation on the phone before u lose ur house lol
  10. I don't wanna make him mad or he'll dig up the yard again. 
  11. my ahdragos is a slut and i gave her too many potions and now i cant kill her -.- >.<
    and ya, my ahdragos is a female
  12. I ate my ahdragos. It was yummery.

    The End.
  13. whats an ahdragos?
  14. Lol. He sez iG pwns when u neuter him. Awesome. I'll have to train my deathmonkey to do that 
  15. Aye mon. Dis ting is fon, mon.

    I read at my job at jah coldstone creamery.