How to train an ahdragos

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  1. My ahdragos loves me. my ahdragos loves when I ride him bare back. we go for rides every day. I feed him a good diet of ahdragos chow from the holistic pet food store. At night I read him fairy tales while I am in my little purple nighty that has little ahdragos"s embroited on it. We play games like tickle the tummy and find the thing.
  2. He's going to eat you. Kill him first.
  3. No! I caint I won't. He is a good boy loves his mommy and sleeps at the foot of my bed. He wouldent hurt a hair on my head.
  4. Refer to 5&6 on post one. If not, fare thee well.
  5. I just got him a purple spiked collar with bell. He loves me and I  him. He is not evil he is good. He goes potty out side and cleans his own messes. He eats all his food and never makes a mess.
  6. So. This game of find the thingy.... What exactly is the 'thingy'? Mine spilled my guts when we played tummy tickle. I managed to scoop them back up & staple myself up again though.
  7. My ahdrgos started to gather his mice. than he led them to an attack on a pack of wild dogs. The mice killed them all it was a rather bloody battle. They climbed on the dogs one bit through the eye of the dog. It worked its way through the dogs body on the inside this must have been painfull. Is this normal of an ahdragos to take out such oponets with his leadership skills?
  8. What game is this
  9. My ahdragos keeps trying to hump my leg. I shooed him off in the direction of my cat, now my ahdragos is humping the cat. Will they make hybrid babies? If so, will the babies be normal? What is normal for a cat/ahdragos hybrid? What do I feed the hybrids?
  10. Bump for an answer
  11. You guys aré to young to realize that an ahdragos is a seamonkey.
  12. Can you please explain how to remove the stench from one?
  13. My ahdragos tried to be a SuperMan by jumping off from my window.

    That poor thing,
    he fulfilled his wish of being a SuperMan for 3 Seconds ...

    But ... He died a horrible death with his brain splattered on e 1st Storey of My house.

    I'm so sad. 
  14. I feed my ahdragos food but he prefers his own poop ..
    I train him to catch mice he starts humping them ..
    He will not stop barking till he hears some Justin Bieber
  15. My ahdragos was born with a boner & has had one ever since i thought this was normal but experts have told me otherwise what can i do? its kinda embarrasing when i invite guests.
  16. Cut off the boner. Feed it to your visitors.
  17. Still dident get my answer and hes attackin much bigger things now horses help!!
  18. Unban ahdragos!
  19. Lol.

    I trained my ahdragos to get unbanned in 48hrs on the forums.

    I wonder what he did? 
  20. Oh u know the ahdragos lol funny lil buggers