How to train an ahdragos

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  1. Wat game is this from??????
  2. oh snap i didn't realize how old this was.
  3. My ahdragos gave me a war to LCBC then go OSF with :-0 what can ahdy do for u? UWF delivers worldwide and have served and will continue to serve the citizens of KaW! Watch for my WC opens courtesy of ZiG ;) thanx BAI! Sympathy Ends.
  4. Lol classic thread , forgot about this one
  5. Yea, I didn't know it still existed 
  6. I have a pet rajasaur. All it does is dream about selena gomez :/ (fyi i am a proud owner of a rajasaur mine's named rajang)
  7. WaTs a ahdragos??????
  8. I fed mind my ppl I lose in quest and hitting osf
  9. I dont want an ahdragos  useless!  
  10. My pet ahdragos seems to like men, and it's male. I'm not sure if it's ever going to be able to produce more.

  11. I tried to give my ahdragos prune juice and it killed itself....

    What do I do?
  12. Mine is addicted to KaW and won't give me my phone back. What now?
  13. How are you typing?
  14. He hasent found it yet
  15. Mine drank petrol & set itself alight. How am I sposed to handle this?!
  16. I'm ahdragos sitting a ahdragos and all he does i's poop in the corner and when he's not pooping he's squatting over my furniture looking like he's trying to poop but he can't than he eats his own poop do I still need to feed it?
  17. My ahdragos needs another one I think. It recently set itself alight in protest at being lonely. Can anybody lend me their one maybe..... 3 x a week please? Mine needs to gets LAID. Thanks ever so much in advance. Oh. Nevermind. It just shat itself to death. Can someone give me one of their ahdragos babies?