How to train an ahdragos

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  1. So I know many of you are dying to find out how to train an ahdragos well your in luck cause I will fill you in right now :)
    step 1: buy a house for your ahdragos they like to live in dark cramped spaces
    step 2: buy some food for your ahdragos they enjoy live animals,especially cows (hopefully not me)
    step 3: to gain trust from your ahdragos give it treats such as the seed of evil
    step 4: now that your ahdragos trusts you u can get it to learn commands, start off by telling it to kill mice and stuff be sure to reward it after each sucessful catch
    step 5: your ahdragos can now do bigger commands try getting it to kill a *gulp* cow or your best friend
    step 6: kill your ahdragos because it now has no reason to keep you alive and it's either u go or he goes
    hope this guide helped and happy ahdragos training
  2. im stuck on step four my ahdragos is afriad of the mice maybe i should start out feeding it little insects
  3. I gave it a cow, an it beated my ahdrsgos up????

  4. @granny give your ahdragos a potion or beat the mouse up first then move on to alive mice
    @hansel that's normal so beat the cow with a stick or give the ahdragos a potion to improve it's attack power
  5. It's actually suppose to be 'How to Train Your Ahdragos'
  6. An ahdragos tried to bite me. :(
  7. My ahdragos craps. ALOT. Like every 4 minutes. Please help.
  8. @raj sorry I'm don't have perfect grammar
    @klzeek plz read step 6 again
    @ahdragos Ty
    @bastion to prevent your ahdragos from pooping alot try feeding it rotten meat this will also help it learn to poop in the corner not just all over the floor
  9. Mines too dumb?
  10. Thread idea stealer!
  11. mine wont roll over.. that be mah ahdroogas
  12. Mine rolled over and won't finish his roll...

    His legs are just stuck up in the air.

  13. when i slapped him he be-eated me and i turned into ahdroogas 
  14. Ahdragos use flamethrower!
  15. OMFG MY AHDROOGAS IS A GINGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Hats an adhragos
  17. Ine ate the  of y keboard and now i cant use it
    plz help
    sorry it like to chew on the keyboard
  18. Woah ... Ahdroogas... no no no not !!!! NOO!! 
  19. WTH mines just stools eat and sleeps???