How to tank in war

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  1. Hello kawmunity I was wondering what the role of a tank is in war. I was tired of seeing only PS in ll wars and decided I would try a different build.

    My build is 10 sdt and adt with 2 troop buildings and 2 spy buildings. I'm pretty sure this is considered a tank build but before I war with it I would like to know it's role. Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you very much and serious answers only please
  2. Looks to me like u have a turtle build...
  3. Yup. Definitely turtle. You will struggle to do much with that build.
  4. You role with your current build is to absorb hits. Deny the enemy as much plunder as possible.
  5. A tank (also known as a meat shield) is a style of character in gaming, often associated with a character class. A common convention in real-time strategy games, role-playing games, fighting games, multiplayer online battle arenas and MUDs, tanks redirect enemy attacks or attention toward themselves in order to protect other characters or units. Since this role often requires them to suffer large amounts of damage, they rely on large amounts of vitality or armor, healing by other party members, evasiveness and misdirection, or self regeneration.

    Tanks are often represented as large or heavily armored.

    "Tanking" occurs when the unit is intended to be the one taking damage (typically by being dangerous or detrimental, or using a game mechanic that forces it to be targeted), and secondly, to ensure that they can survive this damage through sheer health points or mitigation.

    In real-time strategy games the role of a tank unit is to provide a health buffer for weaker ranged classes. Frequently maneuvering or other tactics are used by the tank to make themselves the most tempting or highest-priority target of enemy attacks, thereby diverting enemy attacks away from allies. Many basic strategies in games such as StarCraft and Warcraft III revolve around learning to micro-manage units so they attack tanks first so that the tanks do not continually attack units.

    In group play found in many role-playing games, the role of the tank is to protect players that are low-armor or low-health classes. The role of a tank is typically to survive an oncoming attack, and then ensure that they are the target of the incoming attack. It then falls upon the healer (in large-scale play, often specifically assigned to the role, with spells specializing with high healing output over one or two targets) to restore the tank's health so he does not die and allow him or her to take the next attack.

    In MMOs, there is typically a mechanic that tanks rely on known as enmity, "aggro", or "threat", which is generated from damage and taunts. This makes monsters attack the tank. However, when fighting other players tanks will attempt to interrupt spell casters and apply debuffs, making them a high priority target for damage (as they are nullifying or mitigating the potential of the opposing team). Tanks are typically central to group play, and a large amount of responsibility is placed on the tank. Often a tank's death will cause the monsters to overrun the party as they cannot cope with the magnitude of incoming damage.


    The term originally came in use with players of MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons), the text-based predecessors of MMORPGs, and was used as early as 1994 on Usenet to describe the warrior class on DikuMUDs which had high hit points and the rescue skill, which allowed transferring one attacking mob from another player to the rescuing character.


    In most games that feature a clear-cut "tank" class or character, there are three factors that contribute to a tank's survivability. The first is a large amount of health for absorbing damage that would normally go to lower health classes.The second is damage mitigation, the ability to lessen the damage attacks do in the first place. This is often accomplished through a high armor or defense stat mechanic. Finally, there is the ability to avoid attacks altogether. Depending on the game and class, a tank may focus on any combination of these.
  6. Ok turtle build. I don't war much so could you explain the difference between turtle and tank.
  7. Dude, tanking in WoW or LoL is a lot different from tanking in Kaw during wars :)
  8. Turtle build, won't plunder at all. Gold made in wars will come from ko's and due to lack of size in attack/spy power you will fail bomb. A lot. Sure you can absorb hits all day, but no one will bother wasting troop resources on you. Wars are about efficiency and a build like that only hurts your team. Lack of plunder and ability to fully attack puts you at a major disadvantage
  9. With the current build u have I see the only thing u could do is sit repins since u won't be receiving hits so u will sit high most of the war.
  10. A turtle is like an unused sponge. Tanks can do damage back, rather than just sitting there.
  11. None of you answered the question of how to tank in a war, even though he is not a tank, just answer the question. I am becoming a tank so I want to know the answer too.
  12. I answered the question the role of a tank is to soak up enemy incoming while others do the business its not hard to work out.

    You will be skimmed in war meaning they skim their troops on you obviously that means they only hit you when they are full your job is to take all that incoming while the rest of your team make the plunder.

    You could argue you are also making plunder or a plunder contribution or rather taking their plunder away because if you stay high they will fail attacks.
  13. How to tank in wars...war clock hits 0 put your phone down and dont touch it.
  14. So I changed my build to 10 sdt, 5adt, 2 max sos and 7 max foundries. Would this be a more effective "tank" build?

    I use " " because I'm not sure if it's still considered a tank.
  15. Omg are you a game designer?? U talk like my nerd brother who is expert at mmorpg not rl life
  16. Ll tanks are generally attack builds. Looking more for something like 19 coe, 1 sos, 4 sdt or something similar.
  17. Too many complicated ways to do stuff in this game lol

  18. Yes, you are right. So an experienced warrior is valued and thats why families are important. Warring with noobs to your left and right sucks