how to see 40k 10 enchant stats

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by -hippy-, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Let's say a new event starts and you wonder what stats the current event equip will have at 40k and 10 enchant.

    You can just go to the rewards for the event leaderboard for the current event, and look at the top 50 equipment and those stats are of the top 50 equip unenchanted, which are almost always the exact stats as the 40k equip fully enchanted. In fact this pattern follows all the way down. So the 4K event item equip is same stats as 1.5k equip with a 10 enchant, the 7k event item equip is same stats as 4K with 10 enchant, etc.

    Prob not useful but hey forums are dead so any post is a good post
  2. Interesting observation, thank you!
  3. Good to know this, nice job