How to Ruin a War

Discussion in 'Wars' started by SWiTCHBLADE, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. Glad you all liked it.
  2. @Nivans
    I did that once... we won 52bil to 0....

    Matched New Age :mrgreen:
  3. You're kidding... New Age is great at OSW... Why would they lose in a matchup against a clan with no plan?
  4. Wow... thats how you know how long you've been around.. :lol:
    Just ask anyone about NA's failproof EE plan last year
  5. Woops. How long you havent* been around
  6. Works either way eclipso
  7. Hire there allies before war begins :twisted:
  8. I should have added put targets on your wall. Stupid phone forums 
  9. Bump so hopefully someone will get a good laugh 