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  1. Here are things to not upset moderators of kaw. Please keep it clean. No vulgar language or off topic related please. Here we go...

    1. Don't call them by harsh names

    2. Respect them like you do with law enforcement

    3. Be nice to them, they're people too

    4. Don't break TOU

    5. Always say thank you when you're in a predicament

    6. Play fair have fun and ask mods questions if its kaw related

    Thank you for your time happy Kawing :D
  2. Are you a mods alt?
  3. How do little piggies eat!!
  4. Your breath smell like Dave and Jedi ass. You are not faithful are you

  5. Think you may be putting your nose in places it does not belong.
  6. I have to agree with that one :|
  7. Don't tell jokes
  8. In all honesty while I appreciate people like OP I must say that so long as people aren't being really abusive, people don't need to like the mods. While we're players just like you and players should be able to get along, not everyone will.

    The key thing is just don't break ToU and you won't get on the bad side of mods. We don't have to like everyone and not everyone has to like us. If you break ToU it doesn't matter if we like you or not as you will get the appropriate reaction from it.
  9. WOW! thanks for the tutorial dude!!! the-guy back at it again with another smart forum post. dude i never thought about it but youre right, people do get upset when i call them names! thats really crazy dude
  10. Like us, I mean some of us, we know what to do, even would keep remind them to respect Mods.

    It's been on all times. Unfortunately, other players don't know how to do and give the mods so trouble for no reason.

    So, read what OP said. Also, it's just game, but respect each other.
  11. Be a yes man
  12. Do you know what moderator duties are?
    Moderators are not supposed to be just for silencing players. They are supposed to be here to help our players.
    They are supposed to find a way to help new players and returning players.
    They should work with ATA to improve the game. They are supposed to be in between players and developers.
    I remember when moderators like wulf that can take a joke and take it and laugh. I remember when it was April fools dayy. We used Wulf wall as our cc. He didn’t go crazy and silenced us all. He laugh at it and asked us to stop so other players can use for questions.
    Now a days moderating are used like a trophy. Most moderators this days done nothing much. Some of them troll on WC when get trolled back they used their primary weapon the silenced button.
    Many are good moderators those that stay quiet and do their voluntary duty and always ready to answer questions. Then there is this 1 moderator we wouldn’t name him because he too thin skin and might hurt his feelings. He tried to play sneaky and when called about it get upset. He weaponized his moderating duty to protect his reputation. We all know if we don’t do anything wrong we wouldn’t need to worry about our reputation
  13. Musang, that was a smear campaign WITH NO EVIDENCE

    Don't try and win votes here.
  14. No evidence? He admitted it when he pay and sealed to the clan then closed the thread. Anyone not a guilty person wouldn’t pay a clan to seal if the story wasn’t true. Kasama your head way up on some particular mod ass. You are unable to read and logically understand his action. Get out of his ass sometimes and smell fresh air
  15. Yes! YEs! YES! There has never been a greater comparison. I personally want to thank the mods for risking their life everyday and every night upholding the laws of KaW. Serving and protecting the civilians of KaW is a dangerous job. Thankfully for us, we have an amazing team of KaW enforcement making KaW a safer place!

    Finally, thank you op for your bravery on this matter!

  16. This is great. 
  17. The awful part is why do some ppl get a warning and others are silence immediately.i was joking in Wc with a friend and he said same thing." Chris is not gay his boyfriend is and vice versa and I get silence cause am a new player and haven't had time to kiss mods butt yet and he is warned.. corruption at it's best

  18. Kaw is a 9+ Age rated game, how is discussing something personal in a public forum acceptable joking or not why is it acceptable for you to discuss such things.

    We have a PM The p means Private! Use it and don't complain if you use public forums and get zapped!
  19. The main point was scamming charms. There was no scam ss present. HENCE NO EVIDENCE

    Don't change the context.
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