How to not leak in EE

Discussion in 'Wars' started by ThatDrunkenRabbitCalledPill, May 1, 2020.

  1. I've been in wars since pwars and now in ee I've seen a few different people saying that they leak in the new days ee, so let's put it to deads, what bullds are leaking and why please? Thanks
  2. Last I heard was... If you're sdt is higher than adt you leak. I've not heard that
  3. Ain't no one know the correct way how to leak in EE?
  4. In all my experience over the years everybody leaks but it happens to the best of us but the best way to leak in any war is cast an osf , full troops easy to steal and ako , also if any wants any pro tips how to war pm me , fee is 20b charms for those I dont know ! Thank you :)
  5. Respect to you Demon and everyone who was in United Nations xox