How to Make a Successful Thread

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  1. Personally I think the noobs should learn from their own mistakes. But if this someone helps them great.
  2. I'm so Proud!
  3. I like how this was an English lesson on how to write a thread. Think of it like an essay. Get the readers attention. Say what you wanted to get across and make a conclusion.
  4. Thank you tiffany and that guy^
  5. This clearly needs a bump
  6. Hey I jut want to say sorry to crazy_pup_dawg I attacked him and didn't know what was goin on between the two clans so I left clan sorry crazy pup dawg
  7. What? Why are you posting that on this thread?
  8. -__(\ I may be a noob but I'm not stupid.
  9. Other great threads
  10. I agree all the way Iudi
  11. How to make a successful thread...success Billy 
  12. Got a faster idea to help make a successful thread

    Delete the game! Then all the threads u make will be a success
  13. No, I have a better idea. Don't troll my thread and I won't farm you as much.
  14. Too much color for show, more reliance on links than actual substance.

    A successful thread requires supporters and insight. Not to mention a legitimate source and a valid idea.

    I can't read 50% of this because it insults my eyes. Bbcode for effect or separation, not just because you can. Present your ideas on their merits, not because you can make them crimson or baby-blue.

    This thread is 50% unreadable, and it's message is lost in show.
  15. Great job billy mate
  16. But both 50% are good though joe
  17. Joe is a hater :lol:
  18. I agree a bit with joe about it being too colourful. (not being a hater! I read the thread and agreed with it all but the colour thing was a bit too extreme. Good thread though! :) )