How to Make a Successful Thread

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  1. If they can't be bothered to make a decent thread then I doubt they will take the time to read this!
  2. Then if its low-effort, it will most likely be locked. If he keeps on making low-effort threads, he'll probably take a nice break from forums ;)
  3. Some people dont know how to make a decent thread. Everyone has their own specifications as to what makes something decent or average. This thread is useful to those who decide to fill the forums with threads with no content. If you dont like it there isnt any need to read it.
  4. I understand that but I read it because I generally read all threads and there is no rule which states I must only leave positive feedback.
  5. Colorful I like it
  6. Good job. Don't listen to those people who can be big jerks because this forum is actually real good. I think you should keep posting awesome forums like this one :)
  7. Moral of the thread: only make a thread if it pleases everyone else?

    Bad moral to impose.
  8. What's a bbcode
  9. @Fredthefreak2 go to the Off-topic forums and its there. A whole good guide on BB codes :)
  10. The sad part is, this guide doesn't work. It works with all the BBcodes but nobody lies a flawless thread. Everyone here wants to pick on a grammar mistake so throw a BBcode fail and misspelled words and you get attention. If its a good thread it's halfway down AT before you can blink.
  11. This needs to be read more.
  12. It's good!
  13. Some need to read this
  14. Nice post. Support. Sounds like from a book.
  15. No support screw this tread
  16. Bump, so some players can read this.