How To Lose 343 Nobs

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  1. There is nothing complicated about this account. With my troops I hit quests and with my spies I hit Warbeasts and reset and do it all over again. I'm not trying to build an account just get nobs and random seal drops. Spare me your vast knowledge of the best way to build an account. I try other things with other accounts.

    So I'm happily motoring along building nobs and then the devs offer the 5th anniversary sale on seals. I decide to cash in and spend 343 nobs to get 7 seals. Then I resume my normal pattern and when it comes time to reset I do so.

    Hey! Where'd my seals go? My thinking is that I paid for them with nobs so they should carry over on the reset. I thought wrong. I figure the devs would understand this innocent mistake. After all they screwed those "pots" up when they first introduced them and they are different than the other pots that are purchased with gold. So I email them. This is what I got...

    My initial contact...
    "Username: Abraham_Lincoln
    Game: KoW
    Description of issue: I purchased 7 SOD's on my account Abraham_Lincoln
    during the 5 year anniversary Seal sale. I do resets on that account and
    did not realize that seals and horns would be wiped out upon a reset. I
    figured items purchased with nobility points would carry over on the reset
    like propacks otherwise I would have used those seals before reset.

    Can I get refunded either the nobs I spent or the seals? My use of the
    feedback button on this matter has been ignored."

    Their reply...
    "I'm very sorry, but we are unfortunately unable to refund items or funds for this reason.

    Thank you for understanding."

    Oh really? My reply...
    "Don't thank me for understanding because I don't understand. The precedent you guys have set is that paid for items don't get lost on reset. I completely understand that pots are lost on reset because you buy them with gold. Horns and seals are purchased with nobs. It doesn't make sense to me why you guys put these purchasable items with pots. It's caused a lot of confusion in the past and this is another example of confusion being caused by your treatment of these items as pots.

    It's not like there is any guidance on what would happen to these items upon reset. I clearly would not have reset if I knew I'd lose 7 seals. I would either have not purchased them and let my nobs carry over or I would have used the seals before resetting. I don't think I should be penalized. That was a lot of nobs!"

    Their ample and well thought out reply to my reply...
    "Again, we are unable to refund Seals for this reason. They are lost when players reset. I'm very sorry."

    Over the years I've read many complaints over customer service. Now I've experienced it. Pretty shitty. Oh play you learn. Sucks for me.
  2. That sucks
  3. Your last sentence sums it up. Their offer is to let you buy 7 more seals;)
    Greedy ignorant devs, although it's your own mistake mate;)
  4. Wow that's a new low for the devs... Disappointing to see this actually
  5. I completely agree. It was my own fault for not checking first but come on devs what harm would it do? I did the work to earn them. You can see I used my nobs to buy them. Why would I not use them?
  6. Sucks for you is right
  7. Yeah bud they won't do anything about it.
  8. It sounds mean, but SoD are not permanent items, so if you reset you loose them.. Simple as that... Won't be able to refund them because they know you bought the amount of nobs needed, but I'm sure they don't know how many seals you bought, and how many you kept. Nothing they can do. Thanks for sharing the case
  9. Rojo, I'm pretty sure they can see everything about any account they wish, past present or future. All this is running through their servers so they have records of everything
  10. devs are very tight
  11. they want our money but dont wanna refund or give it out
  12. What a crock of ****
  13. You should of put, how to waste $30 my unlucky friend.
  14. It's ****** up that they take away horns/Seals when people reset though, I mean what the hell are they thinking. Nobs or crystals don't go away(or use to not go away) when people reset. I mean seriously, they don't have to give your money back but the least they could do is is to give you the seals/horns that you lost.
  15. I experienced something else like this where they told me they would not talk to me for another 24 hours and were rude/ immature to me
  16. E-Mail Apple it's against their terms of use to take away paid items, that's why the can't reset pro pack allies.
  17. Technically the horns and seals aren't paid items. The nobs are the paid items so they can't be taken away. Once the in game currency of nobs are spent they cease being paid items.
    One could argue that since the nobs were paid items that anything purchased using these nobs should carry the same classification as a paid item but I would assume that ATA is operating under the former.
  18. If you are farming nobs why did you reset?
  19. That's what makes the horns and seals so weird, you pay for them with nobs. Other pots you use gold. Also, you can pay for gold with nobs but I'm not sure if anyone exchanges nobs for gold any more. It just puzzles me that someone makes an honest mistake that can be verified in their records and all they can do is say so sorry. That was 35,000 quests down the toilet.

    I wonder if a lb player made an honest mistake if they'd tell them to pound sand. Hell, one of them made a thread and changed season 4.

    I don't understand why they can't work something out. It's not like it's a scam and it's not like they are getting inundated with these requests. I may be the first to discover that horns and seals don't carry over on a reset :(
  20. You got screwed