How to lose 15 wars in a row and enjoy it.

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by cactusbread, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. RESPECT!!! You nailed it OP 
  2. I do everything but the wall posts. The wall posts make me feel better.
  3. Fantastic forum post. I've enjoyed reading this.
  4. this thread, has honestly the best thread I have seen in AT for weeks
  5. I'm quite too small to war but I will totally use this thread when I'm stronger!
  6. Reminds me of last season, think i got to 18 losses in a row and stopped counting lol
    Great thread 
  7. Support . Nice thread
  8. Very very nice thread  keep it up
  9. :lol: nice thread
  10. Great attitude OP lol 
  11. Cactus I'm happy I've been with u for several of those losses u always cheer me up in cc cheers m8
  12. 
  13. Awesome thread. This is quite helpfull to cheat myself into "it's not all that bad". Lol. At least 25 looses so far this season here... Good work OP!
  14. Im just throwing this out there.But being a catus = no speed, no speed = not being able to smash buttons fast enough to win wars. 
  15. Good job op lol