How to lose 15 wars in a row and enjoy it.

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by cactusbread, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. I  this! Cactus you are spot on! Thank you for your humor and the tips.
  2. lolol i need to tower up and cone out of retirement so we can be losers together.
  3. Lmfao this is awesome! Well said my friend, well said!

  4. Nice thread cac LMAO
  5. I agree with Doom cac !!! I'll tower up and join the loosers team !!! Will be very fun !!!!
  6. Ahaha OP i'm doing quite good as you. 15 wars in season 2 and only 1 win :lol:
    I always follow the first 3 rules except for one war when i got stuck on a tvp clan without knowing that it was a tvp clan(yep, last second join).
    About the rage, i dont follow any particular rule. Maybe some beer sometimes during war. I get angry on first wars but then after some other lost wars i started taking it with philosophy, keeping the calm and enjoying the game ;-)
    Thank you for the thread, i'm still laughing :lol:
  7. Top thread.... Best thing I've seen in forums in ages. Cheers 
  8. Nice threat cac
  9. Nice op, the way the game should be played
  10. Very nice  losing sucks but keeping trying is even harder
  11. Already on a 15-20 loss streak from the start of this season. Gotta be some sort of a record.
  12. I know how u feel was 2 for 20 my self until half way to week 5 when I started winning wars. Now just a couple wars till I reach 50':)
  13. best of please.
  14. Lmao have had 2 seperate 10 loss streaks (last season and in between seasons) and i think you just nailed every last detail about the stages of both acceptance and rage!!! good stuff