How to find AUSTRALIA INC?

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  1. Outdated sources and passing off other peoples commentary as your own
  2. Outdated? That screen shot is from taken tonight
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    Prisons r a big biz staple in the US 
    Do they export prisoners?
  4. So copy right protection should not exist. Anyone that invents anything should have their design stolen and have no way to profit from it.
    You as usual are an utter moron.
    Please go find a tinfoil hat and live in a desert somewhere, preferably without electricity so that we don't have to put up with your conspiracies every time we log in.

    Stop supporting the big evil business by buying devices using electronic equipment and giving them extra profit they can use to control your life man.
    Like do you not see you are adding to the problem dude.

    Seriously. Go off grid and set an example.
    One we can all ignore
    Gbye now.
  5. Oh dear... there is just so much wrong with this that I stopped watching after about 16 seconds.

    You will find the correct document about the establishment through an Act by British Parliament. This act is the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (1900), which federated the seperate colonies into a single nation.
  6. Did you see the date on your document you screenshot? is that not outdated?
    Your YouTube link is even older
    Stop clogging forums with this rubbish
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    6 commas
  8. Wow! I've seen all that video. Mind blowing. Tho I'm not too worried. I'm sure Batman or Spiderman will save us all.
  9. Your the king of invisible bridges. I have no doubt most court judges would make short work of you. Through every argument you ever push you always shy away from the real stuff and reach for something far out. Brush your shoulders off get a haircut and find a real job bob
  10. When you go to the securities and exchange commission for the commonwealth of Australia, they have no filings after 2011, if you go and look for yourself you'll see, I just clicked on the top one
  11. Yeah I'm sure batman is Australian
  12. Real stuff like what?, no one says anything but insults
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    Yeah they do, over 150,000 children are stolen from their families each year in night time raids

    No family or friends ever see them again

    We find people who have been adopted all the time, no one who is ever taken in one of these raids is ever found dead or alive
  14. Have i told you that you are special?
  15. Op reminds me of south park
  16. Fremdscham (German)

    Embarrassment felt on behalf of someone else (often someone so ignorant to what they have done that they don’t know that they should be embarrassed for themselves); vicarious embarrassment.

    This is how I feel about you, x_x. Please conduct some cursory research into the development of our legal system and government prior to getting your tin hat out in the public arena.