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  1. Hey guys Ive been playing on and off for 6 years and I think I found an interesting idea on how to bring pvp back, while also changing the game dynamic to a more dangerous and competetive one.

    So what Im thinking, is to make it that if youre active in a premium eb, you get double loot lost from attacks/steals. This would change the game massively. It would require any clan that runs premium EBs to be strong enough to defend themselves. It also would add pressure to finish premium EBs as soon as possible to shorten the window of time that the clan is vulnerable. This also would force virtually every player to be PvP ready. It might be too late to impliment the change now, but I can see this being a solution for the game’s problems 3 years ago.

    Or this solution could push the casual player out of the game, and the game will continue to fade away. Just an idea.. let me know what u guys think, maybe adaptations or suggestions! :)
  2. PvP forever dead. No1cur
  3. Gimmi reset bombs back! then i'll care! :)

    ..Well, I'll pretend too anyway. Tho I'm sure I'd be busy making alts to stash as bombs. But I'll get notes from that Cliff guy.
    He always seems to be everywhere making notes :)
  4. If you think pvp is dead you're playing the game all wrong!