How to Break a Moose

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  1. As most know, it is now extremely hard to get an Ahdragos. So, I am here to tell you how to break(and ride) a moose.

    Step 1. Buy a rope, this is needed to show em you aren't afraid of rope burn!
    Step 2. Grab them by the antlers and threaten to sell each one.
    Step 3. Show them who is boss by tying them up to a tree while you gallop freely across the hills.
    Step 4. When you return from galloping make them give you a drink, if you have a magic moos, they will use their hooves, if you have a regular moose, they will stare at you for no reason.
    Step 5. If magic moose, make it dance. If not magic moose, eat it for dinner.
    Step 6. While it is dancing, hope on and keep hold, they will honor you if you stay on during the slide down the pole and nae nae.
    Step 7. Whisper sweet love into their ear so they will feel at home.
    Step 8. Ride em everywhere.

    Thanks for reading and CL out.

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