How to be as Awesome as Dillybar~ by Toast

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by Toast, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Lol go hard  i may get beat down but ill just pick myself back up n keep playing
  2. :( no ones commented on the tilde I used in the thread title yet 
  3.  I have 0 gold  sorry dilly 
  4. Sucking Up Dilly 
  5. ILY DILLY 

    Btw this thread is approved by dillybar
  6. Is thy dillybar from way back when
  7. I do have a request to make. Don't let either of my guides die. Bump them occasionally. Please 
  8. I think this needs a sticky :)
  9. It's not as directly useful to the average player  it's more like advice, but in a different format.
  10. I wish I was as cool as dillybar :(
  11. Everyone does. But none are.
  12. Except dillybar of course
  13. Waste of forum space. About as possible as an 8 year old becoming president.
  14. Hey! If Sarah pallins in the running anything is possible!!