How to be as Awesome as Dillybar~ by Toast

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by Toast, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. It surprises me how you aren't a mod ( or did you not want to be)
    You are very helpful in kaw and keep it up :)
  2. Wouldn't you like to know :twisted:
  3. No, I've never been offered, no, I don't care. And thanks :)
  4. Hang on is amp toast? Lol I hate it when ppl change their names makes them hard to recognize
  5. It's never been offered wow I'm gonna go sue those mods. Btwdoes anyone know how many mods there really are because I only notice like 5 mods which are Cor, col, MAJ, the one that starts with an a ( can't remeber his name) and donkey
  6. It's been a while. Then again, you just got back.

    This is the first name change people haven't freaked out over and made threads like "wut happened to outdoortoast" lol -.-; Been lurking so much lately
  7. idrc it's never been offered? I've honestly never done anything I have to try for mod. I only do it because I wanted to.
    List of all active mods:
  8. I've been busy, amp/toast
  9. That's why a lot of people leave.
  10. Wasn't really leaving. KaW just didn't really appeal to me anymore, and neither did any other game on my iPod.

    Lol it just popped into my head
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two gets released on my birthday! Imma go watch it
  11. I tried to leave shortly after christmas. Just felt completely useless and overwhelmed on the forums. I managed about a week before lurking forums via safari, and another 3 days before I dl'd KaW again and lurked again. Took about two-three weeks til I started playing.

    Best Of <insert sparkly emoji>
  12. I read the whole thing!
  13. Boy do i remember this lol! :mrgreen:
  14. WOW this thread is old. I can't believe it still exists lol
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  15. U aren't tho
  16. No, but it doesn't hurt to have goals. 2010 was a strange time.