How to be as Awesome as Dillybar~ by Toast

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  1. How to be as Awesome as Dillybar
    The Guide

    Table of contents:

    1. Being useful
    a) Answering questions  
    b) Being a positive influence in the KaW community

    2. Having good stats
    a) LCBC
    b) Build

    3. Being a great person
    a) Personality
    b) Being awesome

    4. Owning a clan
    a) Creating a (successful) clan
    b) Not leaving KaW because of clan
    c) Getting clan members to the LB

    5. Writing guides
    a) Not making noob "guides" 
    b) Focusing the guide on something useful
    c) Writing styles

    1. Being Useful
    Obviously, in order to be awesome you need to have good things about you. Lots of them. Being useful is ESSENTIAL to being an awesome person, otherwise you're kinda useless. A useless person can not be awesome. They just can't. 

    a) Answering Questions
    This part does NOT mean you sit around "hinting" to the devs to make you mod. It takes MONTHS of dedication to KaW to be a mod, and you need to know a lot and be mature. So basically, don't answer questions because you want to be a mod, answer them because you love helping people and the KaW community. Always answer courteously, even to the most repetitive noob questions. 

    b) Being a Positive Influence in the KaW community
    Mostly relevent to the forums, rather than trolling, answer questions and talk without being mean :) try being kind to noobs and seeing what happens. This section also includes not spamming rp. 

    2. Having Good Stats
    Having high stats gives you much more respect then say, someone with low stats. Stats also factor into clans, which will be covered later. Though not COMPLETELY essential for who you actually are, and your awesomeness level, having good stats makes people respect and listen to you much quicker.

    a) LCBC
    Being LCBC is the best base stats you can have. It's a good thing. 

    b) Build
    Some people like different builds at LC, and some are more effective than others. Not particulary important for awesomeness because how good theu are depends on how you play the game, but worth mentioning. 

    3. Being a Great Person
    Being a great person doesn't mean you just go out and answer questions, it means you genuinely put effort into those answers, and make them quality. You have to BELIEVE what you're telling someone. Even though KaW is a text based game, you can still fit a personality into words. 

    a) Personality
    If you want to be awesome, you need to express your personality! (preferably the better side). It seems hard using text to express emotion, but it's possible and emoji can help. But having an awesome, expressable personality is needed to be awesome. 

    b) Being Awesome

    4. Owning a Clan
    Owning a clan is hard work, but if you are sucessful you will have a veritable army of players to do your will. It costs either 3b or 100 nobs to make a clan. If 3b is a lot of money to you, please don't make a clan, even from nobs. NOTE: IF YOU HAVE A GREAT CLAN, THIS IS NOT VITAL! HAVING A GOOD CLAN WORKS JUST AS WELL!

    a) Creating a successful clan
    Though not essential to being awesome, owning a successful clan helps a lot. In order to be successful, you should have at LEAST 400k combined--preferably lcbc-- and know enough about KaW to answer any clan questions. Here's just some suggestions for making a successful--awesome--clan: be LCBC, have leaders qualities, pick a cool name for your clan, know a lot about KaW, be able to make good decisions, BE ACTIVE, never give up, be organized. 

    b) Now, if something bad happens to your clan (eg. everyone leaves, iG starts farming you all, everyone goes inactive) this does NOT mean you have to quit KaW! coughdillycoughcough . You can always rebuild, and even if it never reaches it's original splendor, there's always a reason to try! 

    c) In order to get a member to the lb, make sure he or she has support and resources! Getting a clan member to the lb is a GREAT thing for the clan and the member. 

    5. Writing Guides
    In order to be AWESOME you need to be useful (see 1), and a GREAT way to do that is writing guides!

    a) Not Making Noob "Guides"
    PLEASE! Do NOT make little useless threads no one will read! Also relating somewhat to b). And don't just copy other peoples. If you need to do that, bump their guide. But just little "guides" like "how to go spy" saying "lc. Convert to guilds" (possobly exaggerated there). It irks the forumers and few people it could POSSIBBlY benefit will never read it.

    b) Focusing the Guide on Something Useful
    If it's been done, and done well, and the one that has been done is stickied, assume you don't need to do it. Rather, think of some aspect of KaW that interests you and do it on that. Put though and time into it. People WILL read it if it looks good. Or pick a subject that could use more expansion or something. 

    c) Writing Styles
    Everyone writes a different way. Some people work better with lists, others Q&A, others actually writing full and detailed explanations, and some follow a template and fill in blanks. There's others, of course, but those are some usual ones. Develop your own, as long as it's understandable. 

    Well, this is just a roughdraft, let's see how it turns out. 
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