how times change

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  1. Remember days of old school
    Osw they were the best days of kaw attitudes have changed so much
    You could war a clan and make friends
    Made most my friends tbh by hitting them don't play often anymore it's not the same
    The times of respect for players that fought is gone the game has gone I'll still log in to chat to friends and hit annoying people and expect incoming and trolls by posting this trolls u need a life tbh
  2. We were enemies once! 
  3. My friend veronica hates you.
  4. Wouldn't let me post friendships are made through conflict
  5. I don't care about Veronica
  6. True.. There can only be one ladyboy 
  7. No.
  8. Well tell her ty for hating me
  9. Goo, do you care about me?:(
  10. No hizzy man up take care of yourself like I had to
  11. Pussys no idea what **** I had ( but I got through it never asked mum for guidance just saying u will always be a *****
  12. Weren't you supposed to be sleeping? Don't make me go grab neko! :lol:
  13. Best friendships were made in OSW. Lots of alliances came out of it. Miss those days.
  14. Oh magoo. You've done it again
  15. Remember the days of solace and loa.

    Such fun times in kaw. Such genuine fun with this game.

    Seems it's just about real hate towards enemies instead of just banter and the making of new friends.

    Sad really.
  16. Hi Magoo its roni /Veronica. ignore hoseNuke i dont even know the weirdo. I aint ever talked to them.They sent a friend request to me earlyier. It's either pipebomb or one of the other oddballs on kaw.
  17. Good times. Way to represent LoA and solace in the first pvp event. You and i were the smallest accounts in the top 10 because LOA is badass PvP'ers.
  18. You two noobs 