How "Sons of Sparta." killed the clan they were "helping"

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  1. Hi, Im a forum/game noob so sorry if this forum isn't well written, I dont know how to use BB codes or anything like that. So here's how it went down, I was clanless and so I was looking around in the new clans thingie and I saw a clan called "Rogues Den". I decided why not? And I applied. The place was pretty chill and the owners were cool, I was enjoying myself.
    Then a clan called "We are Rogue" came along and said they wanted us to change our name. Seemed a little weird but they offered to buy it and unlock it to hte, which is much farther than we were unlocked. Personally I think we should've just taken the deal but then came some guys from SoS (Sons of Sparta.) They said they were gonna help us fight. At the time we were taking a vote on whether or not to do so but before we could finish they started hitting. And from there it kept escalating soon they had us moving into their clan to fight. I was willing though because I had liked Rogues Den. And so we fought for maybe a month.
    After a month it seemed like we were losing so SoS called to I.S.S for help and soon there were a bunch more guys around. In response I believe "We are Rogue" brought in an alliance/family clan called "devil kingdoms of destruction". But then get this, SoS kicks every single former Rogues Den member! How is that helpful?!? The war they had dragged us into had already driven some of us inactive, and now as if they hadn't done enough they kicked us all out?!? I tried to get back into Rogues Den but the person left owner there was inactive, we had assumed we would be staying in SoS. Anyway I talked to Frank (the owner of SoS) and he let me back in, only to kick me a few days later! Anyway I will now be launching my own personal war against sos for killing my clan. I guess the message of this thread is don't trust SoS they won't help you!
  2. Hah, support
  3. Paragraphs my friend, paragraphs are your friends.

    On another note: How did SoS even find out about this whole thing in the begining anyways?
  4. I support your endeavors in defeating SoS. They are my friends, and thus, I encourage hits upon them. :D

    Good luck.
  5. All a bunch of noobs anyway 
  6. Did you even read the O.P.?

    Noobz b Noobin.
  7. Mostly. Let me edit.
  8. Seems like your enemy is now a potential friend.

    Might as well. It seems to go with the theme so far.
  9. :lol: good luck fighting them. Anyways, SoS has a bunch of noobs anyways, especially that Zombie guy
  10. I.s.s sos both clans will be gone soon.
  11. What does that even mean?

    You say that like you're not a noob?
    What kind of idiot shoots down people for making war in a war game.

    This is exactly the kind of threads about wars that forums used to be about instead of all the rubbish now that sits in active day after day.

    Every time somebody posts about a fight or war and they are from small or unheard of clans, they get called noob. The idiocy is astounding.
  12. If you mean try to join We are Rogue then I can't. I asked to but they thought I might be a spy for SoS, as if.
  13. 10k battle wins in 110 days? Damn man, you are committed. What, do you unload 3-4x a day? Lol.

    Good luck, sorry your clan was disrupted.
  14. Good
  15. I was kicked from SOS too... Not sure why, also not bothered. If others were kicked I assume they have/had a mole and they were trying to get rid of them.
  16. I believe one of Rogues Den members was friends with one of the guys who came into Rogues den
  17. :lol: what a botched story
  18. Skinny i am a noob but a good noob 
  19. Shall we compare ss franky?
  20. Smart-ish guy. Doesn't assume wild crazy things about a clan in osw with multiple clans. Be like vital.